Theoretical approaches in the use of counselling skills

Theoretical approaches in the use of counselling skills

Learning Outcome 1. Understand core concepts of the main theoretical approaches to counselling ? Choose one model and describe its origin and development (including its main contributors), e.g., • Transactional Analysis – Berne • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Beck, Ellis, Padesky, Greenberg • Humanistic – Rogers, Mearns, Thorne ? Give a brief overview of the philosophy, key concepts and principles of your chosen model. ? Describe the development of the self concept as it fits with the chosen model. ? Identify two other counselling models and explain their key features. ? Compare each one with the main model that you have chosen. Highlight differences and similarities regarding their key concepts and the way in which they explain the development of the self concept. ? Summarise the key strengths and limitations of the three main approaches to counselling. Learning Outcome 2. Understand what is meant by the integrative model ? Explain the concept of the integrative model (e.g. Egan, Nelson-Jones). ? In your assignment, show an understanding that the integrative model combines several approaches that can be used to ensure that the individual client’s needs are met. ? Identify possible drawbacks to the use of this model, together with its merits (advantages and disadvantages). Learning Outcome 3. Understand the importance of counselling theory ? Explain the role of theory in relation to helping relationships. ? Describe how knowledge of the theory provides the foundation and structure necessary for establishing and developing helping relationships. This may entail explaining the impact of theory on the practice of qualified counsellors. ? Describe some of the dangers of using any model without having an understanding of its key concepts and principles. Learning Outcome 4. Be able to apply core theories in the use of counselling skills ? Demonstrate how to apply core theories when using counselling skills. You may give examples of what, why and how the use of counselling skills relates to core theories (link to Learning Outcome 1), e.g. reflecting, paraphrasing. ? Explain the outcome of their use by evaluating the impact of applying core theory to your helping interactions. Learning Outcome 5. Be able to self reflect using theoretical approaches ? Discuss the impact of your learning of theories on your understanding of the development of your self. ? Explain the effect that this has had on your use of counselling skills.

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