the impact of Artificial Intelligence on social media”

the topic is ” the impact of Artificial Intelligence on social media”

Long Form Magazine Article—(approx. 1500 words) This option is basically a research paper for those of you more comfortable with this style of writing BUT in order to encompass a written narrative supported by a visual narrative, you will be writing a long-form magazine article. Often what we read on blogs and online magazine articles today are visually driven narratives and forums for academic and cultural research. For this assignment, you will choose any form of pop culture that you are interested in, and then pick a social issue that interests you. Your magazine article will discuss the ways in which your form of pop culture explores the social issue you chose: For example, Sweatshop: Dead Cheap Fashion is a reality television show that explores the harsh realities of sweatshops in Cambodia. It has all of the elements of reality television, but it focuses on a major social issue. Journalism is an anthology of war reporting rendered in short form comics format. You could look at sci-fi, comics, a specific genre of music, fashion industry, video gaming/games/e-sports, the “tiny house” movement, etc…Just choose a specific topic and look at it through a specific form of pop culture. If you look at sci-fi, for example, choose one or two shows that tackle a social issue—For example, both Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Dr. Who have episodes that deal with immigration. There are several television HGTV type shows and documentaries, and magazines that focus on the “tiny house” movement (including their use as homes for the houseless and for reducing our carbon footprint). Many students write about the issues with plastic surgery in S. Korea where the pressure is to look like a favorite K-Pop star. Or whitewashing in films in Hollywood. There are a lot of options, so have fun! You are creating an online magazine article, so you will need to add images, tweets, media, video to your online magazine article to create a visual narrative to strengthen and enhance your prose narrative. The final part of this assignment is a reflection—reflect on how the topic you chose affects you

in some way. Why did you choose this topic, does it represent some aspect of your own life you wanted to explore or something you see in our larger culture that in some way affects you or those around you. If someone were to read your magazine article, what would you want to share with them about your topic.

and by using the sources that I attached.
Project plan

I was thinking on doing Magazine article because it is very comfortable for me. Two weeks ago, I was thinking about Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact us on the future. I did see many TED Talks about it and basically, they are speaking about how AI will get out of control, and how people will start to develop them days after day. My topic will be about “The Impact of AI on Social Media”. I did interact social issue with pop-culture.

Annotated Bibliography:

1) Egorsheva, olga. (2018, August 1). The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media. Retrieved from

I am not sure whether I will going to use this article or not it doesn’t have much information. There is a lot of information about social media account but there is no direct relate to AI.

2) Ave, I. (n.d.). The effect of Artificial Intelligence on Social Media. Retrieved from

I think I will use this article because it did explain everything I want. This article inform us how much we interact with AI in our daily life not just with social media sites.

3) Zeng, D., Chen , H., Lusch , R., & Li, S.-H. (2010). Social Media Analytics and Intelligence . IEEE Intelligent Systems, 25(6), 13–16. doi: 10.1109/MIS.2010.151

I am also not sure if I will be going this journal or not. It doesn’t say about the impact of AI on social media.

4) Williams, P. J. (2019). AI’s Persona Problem. Nation, 309(2), 10–11. Retrieved from

I will use this newspaper article because it says many information about AI’s and how it effects on social media.

5) Stapleton, L. (2018). International stability in a digital world: emerging trends in machine intelligence, environmental sustainability and society. AI & Society, 33(2), 159–162.

I will not use this article because is very complicated for me. I couldn’t understand it that much. I am not sure if it begs the topic that I want.

6) COSTA, D. (2017). Standing on the Shoulders of Geeks. PC Magazine, 5–7. Retrieved from

This article speaks about many things not just the impact of AI on social media. I am not sure if I will be going to use it.

· My name is Shadha Alkharusi and I am from Oman, it is my first time being out of Arab Gulf in my life, I study HR.

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