The history and the potential future of the word nice in English.

The history and the potential future of the word nice in English.

We have seen that semantic change is widespread and ongoing in English. Using your knowledge of how to use the Oxford English Dictionary, and drawing on LIN203 terminology for different processes of semantic change, your task is to survey the history and the potential future of the word “nice” in English. Look up “nice” (adjective) in the OED and answer the following questions in an essay. The assignment will require you to extract and synthesise information from the OED and then elaborate on it using ideas from the lecture.

You have to write about this 2 topics

  1. Defend the position that the word nice has been highly susceptible to semantic change since it entered the English language. Dedicate about one page to this question. You are not required to mention every precise meaning of nice over the centuries, but your overview should touch upon major meanings that this word has had, including the most recent. Where possible, use course concepts and terminology (amelioration, narrowing, etc.) to capture types of semantic change.
  2. In your opinion, is the word nice currently in the process of changing its primary meaning at the present time? If so, what do you think its next major meaning might be? If not, what makes the recent meanings more stable than the previous ones? This question is open-ended, but you should support your position. Consider referring to examples from your own use of the word nice and/or examples you see or hear from Present-Day English.

Your assignment must be no more than two pages (you can add a third page only if you need more space to accommodate the bibliography). The text ought to be double or 1.5 spaced in a 12 point font with 1” margins.

If you paraphrase an idea or use a quotation from a source other than your own thoughts, you must cite it in the text and add it to your list of references. You do not need to consult any sources other than the Oxford English Dictionary or the lecture notes.

If you directly quote a source, this should be indicated with quotation marks and a proper citation.

The assignment will require you to extract and synthesise information from the OED and then elaborate on it using ideas from the lecture. So, I will upload lecture notes too as additional materials. This is too significant to use this lecture notes (especially about semantic change). So, please use it. Also you should use OED (Oxford English Dictionary website. This is significant too) in order to get the history and meaning of “nice” (adjective). Please do not use additional material for this. There is no required number of sources for this essay. But please use at least 3 sources. (You can use more but not too much).

I also added marking scheme file. So, please also pay attention to marking scheme too.


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