The applicability of the relevant theory and the managerial relevance of your work

The applicability of the relevant theory and the managerial relevance of your work Custom Paper

The applicability of the relevant theory

A recommended structure for the assignment is as follows:

a) Table of contents

b) Abstract (brief summary of your work including recommendations – 150 words maximum)

c) Introduction to your organisation and SWOT analysis with critical points from CW1.

d) Development of strategic choices

e) Evaluation of strategic choices

f) Recommendation of preferred strategic choice and conclusion

g) References

h) Appendices

• The table of contents, the abstract, the references and the appendices are not included in the word count

• Any parts of the main analysis should be in the main text and not in tables or appendices

• Your assignment will be marked on the basis of the justification you provide, the conceptualisation of the idea, the applicability of the relevant theory and the managerial relevance of your work. Command of the English language, the mistakes (especially those marked in red by Word) and the ability to convey the ideas are also marked. However, these have lower importance in your final mark.

• Regarding your assignment, you should focus on the following aspects: a) summary of the internal and external analysis for your organisation b) development of appropriate strategic choices, c) development of appropriate evaluation criteria and evaluation of strategic choices, d) selection and justification of the optimum strategy.

You should use your own critical ability to analyse the issue properly and provide the rationale for your reply.

This assignment tests the following Learning Outcomes for the module:

2. Critically assess criteria for making strategic choices, evaluate the impact of these choices on an

organisation and make strategic recommendations based on the strategic choices available that will meet stakeholder expectations.

The Assignment Task:

1. Use a SWOT table or other appropriate framework to summarise the analysis for your organisation undertaken in CW1. (10%)

2. Building on the analysis in the first task, propose strategic choices for that organisation. These should


include strategic choices in the areas of Business or International strategy. (30%)

3. Critically evaluate the strategic choices developed in the second task, including critical assessment and


justification of the criteria for that evaluation. This should include an assessment of the level and type of


innovation and the application of a SAFe evaluation. Evaluation criteria should also include stakeholder


expectations and mention of potential barriers to implementation such as organisation, funding and leadership.



4. Based on the evaluation in the third task, recommend a preferred strategic choice and explain how this meets


stakeholder expectations. (20%)


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