Test 1- Oceanography

Test 1- Oceanography

Answer the questions below:

  1. About what percentage of the Earth’s surface is covered by water?

    2. Where did life on Earth most probably evolved?

    3. What does most of the matter in the universe appear to consist of?

    4. List the origins of the ocean in order of importance.

    5. Approximately when was the first awareness of the spherical shape of the Earth developed in Europe?
    6. Which was the first expedition to undertake a long ocean voyage in vessels specially designed and constructed for the purpose of long-distance travel ?

    7. Who was the “first ocean scientist?”

    8. Why was John Harrison’s invention of the chronometer important?
    9. Which man was the first to publish a reasonably accurate chart of an ocean current?

    10. Glomar Challenger is known mainly for_________.
    11. List the inner layers of the Earth and their composition.
    12. Define latitude and longitude.
    13. Define the following terms:

  1. Paleomagnetism
  2. seafloor spreading
  3. Pangaea
  4. transform faults
  5. fracture zones
  6. seamount chains
  7. Pacific hotspots
  8. buoyant (or isostatic) equilibrium
  9. continental crust
  10. oceanic crust
  11. guyots
  12. Mid ocean ridges
  13. Turbidity current
  14. If two oceanic plates collide at a relatively fast speed, and one is much older and cooler (therefore denser) than the other, what will probably happen?
    15. List the evidence for plate tectonics.
    16. List and describe the parts of the continental margins (ie. continental slope, rise, etc).
    17. How are the coastal margins classified?
    18. Describe hydrothermal springs or vents.
    19. Describe the formation of atolls.


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