Systems Development: Web Service

Systems Development: Web Service

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CRITICAL THINKING: This paper is not a topic summary paper. I am looking for your critical thinking. Yes, you need to understand what you have read, but in this paper, you need to add value by using your critical thinking skills to review the topic. Critical thinking is not the same as personal opinion. Do not

forget to write about what was lacking in what you read; that also shows your critical thinking skills as well as does your critical thinking about what you have read.

So my professor requirements for the paper is to summarize about what you have read as well as introduce about the topic in the 1st 1 or 2 paragraphs. The rest of the paper (2 -3 paragraphs) will be critical thinking about the topic: for example: disadvantages, advantages, innovation or anything of the topic that affect the Business.

Last small paragraph will be a conclusion all the critical thinking points again. Your paper should show that you understand the topic, but it must do more than simply summarize the topic. You should use the critical thinking skills you have learned from other courses and that you bring on your own, to discuss the topic.

You may, for example, want to point out what you could not find about the topic or what you view differently about the topic than the materials you read. Do not use direct quotation too much.

Write a paper (no more than 1 page). You must read at least 20 full-pages (8.5X11” if printed out, not screen pages),and list your references at the end of your paper (not to be included in your one-page of discussion).


Number of References: as i mention earlier, it is unlimited how many sources to use, so feel free to use more references if necessary. But The accumulated sources must be more than 20 printed pages of the materials.


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