Statistics Research Paper

Statistics Research Paper

Statistics Research Paper: The goal of this paper is to create a problem that requires statistical analysis and then use the appropriate statistical formulas to find probabilities. The topic I have chosen is below:

1.) The airline industry is diverse with many different carriers. There are the major airlines such as Delta, American, and Southwest, but there are also a variety of subsidiaries. These subsidiaries offer flights at a lower fair. This lover fair does come at a cost, whether it be through less service or additional fees. The economic analysis I choose to study is the probability one will be delayed and/or cancelled based on the size of the airline carrier they choose to fly as well as the time of day they choose to fly (i.e. morning, afternoon, evening).
2.) My hypothesis is that there is an increased rate of delay’s / cancellation with the smaller airline carriers due to the smaller scale of maintenance and airline personnel available to fix potential issues. Also, I believe there to be an increase in delay’s / cancellations throughout the day. The mean of delays from larger airlines are less than subsidiaries. The mean of delays from all airlines are greater later in the day vice earlier.
3.) Statistical Formula:

μ0=μ1 less than or equal to μ2

μa=μ1 is greater than μ2

The investigation data is available on various airline websites.

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