State your discipline of study AND identify the documentation style

  1. State your discipline of study AND identify the documentation style used in the discipline. (The link is provided in the Lesson)State your discipline of study.

Before moving into the discussion about energy management, take a moment to state again for us your degree program. Which documentation style does your program require? Even though your program uses a specific documentation style, you will take classes from multiple disciplines that use different styles. For example, you might be an history major during which you will use Chicago/Turabian style, but in this course we are using APA, and in a literature course, you will be asked to use MLA.

For Part 1, address the following items:

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  1. State your discipline of study AND identify the documentation style used in the discipline. (The link is provided in the Lesson)State your discipline of study
  2. How do you plan to manage these different document styles? What resources do you have available to you to help you work with all of the styles? Aim to share a resource different than your classmates’ resources.

Part 2

This week’s Lesson includes information about energy management. At this point in the term what strategy or strategies are you using to stay motivated or to mitigate the anxiety through these last couple of weeks? Have you sought out a community of learners in the Quad or explored communities in Clear Path (Both of these communities are internal, APUS-only spaces linked through your campus portal)? Have you explored APUS’s Career Services? What is your next class?

For this week’s post, share your thoughts about your motivation level at this point in the term and at this point in the final presentation timeline. You may refer to the questions above to help frame your insightful, reflective post. Include an image or a quotation as part of your post–an image or quotation that motivates you?

Reply to three (3) classmates. Below are some possible conversation starters.

  1. Find someone in the class who is on The Quad or Clear Path and is participating in an APUS community. What is the benefit to visiting the Quad and Clear Path?
  2. Or find a classmate who is studying the same program as you are or studying in the same School (School of Business, for example). Do you share the same excitement, apprehension, or questions? What is your next APUS course?
  3. If your classmate lacks motivation to finish this course or stay in college, what can you do to be part of his or her learning community? What might your advice be?

Grading Information

Please review the rubric linked below for additional information about the criteria used to evaluate your work.

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