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State-Supported Terrorism – Assignment Example These are the nations that pose a threat to the US National Security, although Saudi Arabia and Pakistan also come under the same list of â€Ŕpassive sponsorships†but regardless to their activities they are excluded out deliberately. In article 3 the writer, Daniel Byman has identified the states that are passively sponsoring terrorist organizations around the world. The states that are prominently known for their support are Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, and Lebanon. These states in order to strengthen their security jeopardize the National Security of US and drag societies into the darkest propensities. It is a widely known fact that 9/11 was orchestrated with the help of Saudi Arabia of which funding transactions were traced evidently displaying Saudi Arabia’s tacit terrorist sponsorship for destroying US security. Likewise, Pakistan is held responsible for the Talibanization within the country, as the members of its intelligence ISI are in full support of Al-Qaeda. These countries which are referred to as â€Ŕnon-state actors†stay at the corner, some may as well agree on fighting terrorism becoming invaluable allies for the time being. The problem is not with their attitude of doing something instead it’s their attitude of doing nothing at all about the prevailing threats to the national security. One way these states react to these problems is that they offer a middle ground to the problem to safeguard their own security they shift their problem to others by offering the terrorists to stay and get arrested or leave which moves them to other countries where they perform acts of terrorism. These terrorist groups often act as government’s partners and not as their agents, although they openly deny the accusations it is evident with the size of their training setups, their methods of recruitments and funding.  

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