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Sleeping disorders – Research Paper Example On identifying, the causes of sleeping disorders can help you find solutions and enhance your sleeping patterns (Mayo Foundation par. 1). This is the most common sleep disorder experienced by most people. A person suffering from insomnia does not get the right amount of sleep necessary to keep rested or refreshed. A number of factors including stress, nervousness, depression or any health problem can cause insomnia. In addition, it can also occur because of lack of exercises, lifestyle choices and jet lack or consumption of a given food or drink such as increase in coffee intake (Kalimoet al. 65). A person suffering from insomnia may have difficulty in sleeping during the night or upon waking up during the night he or she will have trouble in resuming back to sleep. The person may also have the problem of waking up very recurrently during the night as well as having a very light sleep. The person may also require something to fall sleep and during the day, he can feel sleepiness and low body strength (Ford and Lisa 3). This causes an irresistible desire to move legs when sleeping. It occurs because of lack of comfort, tingling, ache and creeping sensation (Chervin 1185). The affected person will thus experience scratchy sensations cavernous within the legs and a strong desire to move. The movement of the legs tends to relieve the person from the sensations and the person will be repetitively jerking his legs when asleep (Walterset al. 634). Excessive, unmanned sleepiness during daytime are the common characteristics of this sleep disorder. It comes because of malfunction of the part of the brain that determines sleeping and waking. A person with narcolepsy sees things when starting dream and often feels weak and loses control of his muscles when laughing. He may also experience easy dreams even when he just starts sleeping and

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