Signature Assignment

Signature Assignment

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SLO5: Value conflict resolution in effective communication skills

SLO6 :Analyze the use of constructive criticism relative to professional relationships including clients

SLO7 :Assess a variety of components relative to multiculturalism in client communications

SLO8: Interpret barriers that impact effective client communications

Signature Assignment

The Signature Assignment will be a 5-8 page (excluding cover page

and reference page) essay on applying the current knowledge about

effective client communication to the scenario listed below.


You were hired as an I/O Psychology profession for a local workforce

development board. Recently management received a call from a high

tech manufacturing company that is hiring increasing numbers of

entry-level non U.S. born employees with limited comprehension of

the U.S. culture and language. Some were turned away during the

hiring process because they cannot pass a test administered by the

company. Those doing the hiring recognize that many of these

individuals possess skills needed by the industry. Yet, others pass

the test, but it soon becomes evident that communication barriers

hinder their future success and continued employment.

Middle managers suggest training classes on site would be an

excellent investment of time and money, with an immediate impact on

employees, the production line, and quality control. Middle

management has receives approval for funding this training onsite.

Consequently, the CEO of the firm contacts you to seek advice on

what type of training to offer. You speak with the CEO and willingly

accept the opportunity to assist but advise that training will also be

needed for current employees as well since this is a cultural training

issue within the organization as well.

1 / 3

Based on the various concepts and lessons of effective client

communication that you have learned in the different Modules of this

course, write a 5-8 page essay on your plan to convey to the CEO.

Below are the topics discussed throughout the course and the

associated module, so please address them as you write your paper:

Module 5: Conflict and Negotiation (Address how you would

recommend conflict and negotiation training to reduce the risk of


Module 6: Constructive Criticism (State how you would train

supervisors, peers, and superiors how to relate to one another using

constructive criticism)

Module 7: Cultural aspects of Communication (How to implement

cross cultural training for both groups to value each other’s cultural


Module 8: Barriers to communication (Implement training to identify

barriers to communication)

In the conclusion of the essay, add a sentence or two concerning your

personal thoughts effective client communications.

You must include at least 4-6 articles from the Touro library that are

published within the last 7 years in your Signature assignment.

Writing Guidelines for Signature Assignment:

2 / 3

5-8 pages (excluding title and references pages)

Double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point

Times New Roman.

Include at least 5 references (a minimum of two from the Touro


Writing Resources (Use as Needed):

APA Style. Retrieved from

Latest APA Research Paper | APA Format and APA Citations

Made Easy [Video file]. Retrieved from (6:00)

How to Write an APA style paper using Microsoft Word.

Retrieved from




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