Sex and relation

Sex and relation

A list of DO’s when writing your Dr. Roof paper:
• Address the main questions asked by the letter writer at the end of the letter. If the letter writer basically asks, “should I tell my girlfriend I cheated or not?”, or “should I do a long-distance relationships or not?” or “do I continue my interracial relationship or not?”, counsel the writer on one or the other options, not both.
• Have a clear & concise thesis which should summarize their paper in one sentence.
• Don’t write a research paper on the topic, rather please discuss your personal believes, values and experiences on the topic.
• DO have topic sentences for their supporting paragraphs.
• DO have smooth transitions between ideas.
• DO include a personal experience/friend’s/family’s story to explain why they feel one way or another about the topic.
• DO include 4 citations and cite them correctly (see detailed instructions below).
• DO have a conclusion that reiterates your thesis & main ideas. You’d be surprised how many essays just abruptly ends.
• DO check your grammar/typos.
Citation Questions:
• Class Reader: At the end of the sentence containing your quote from the reader, write (Class Reader & page number of the quote) Example: (Class Reader, p. 258). Each article in the readers counts as a different source.
• What do you mean that the citations have to come from 4 “different” sources?
• What counts as a different source would be different articles in the class reader, different articles in the anthology, or different dated lectures. For example, all 4 of your citations can be from the reader, as long as they are different articles. Most students choose to include a mix of quotes or paraphrases from lecture, anthology and the reader.
• If you have used an outside source, you can use it to as a 6th or 7th quote and also list the source on a separate Works Cited page. If you only use class material, you do not have to attach a separate Works Cited page; just list the source at the end of the sentence containing your quote.
I will upload some of the class reader at the “additional materials” part.
Please use 5 sources from each of the link i uploaded.
3 sources from class reader and 2 sources from Outside source.

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