Sedgewick’s use of dialogue.


Read the following PDF and answer the questions and place 2 comments on word files.

1) Discuss Sedgewick’s use of dialogue. Do think the exchanges between characters are realistic?

2) Sigourney’s voice as a poet shows a great deal of variety: she can be plain and also ornate; she can speak softly and also turn out oratory and polemic. Which poems in this set seem to be most differ ent from each other in language choice (diction) and in sound, and why?

3) The Ojibwe tale “The Little Spirit” can be associated with a vast and worldwide tradition that includes the medieval chanson de geste (love songs) as well as the modern pop- culture obsession with young superheroes. Describe the voice that Schoolcraft takes on to tell this story. How does it compare to the style you see in transcriptions of Native American trickster tales we have already read?

4) In Letter XIV, Child offers an account of two immigrant burial grounds. Read from “Following the railroad, which lay far beneath our feet” down to the end of the letter and describes her purposes in describing and contrasting these two visits.

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