Review of Terry Fallis, TheBest Laid Plans

Review of Terry Fallis, TheBest Laid Plans


ASSIGNMENT:          Review of Terry Fallis, TheBest Laid Plans


  1. The task is to analyze the novel in light of related themes from class readings and discussions. Fallisdescribes the political world of the inner circles of political parties and the process of running a political campaign in a humorous way to present some important messages. Some questions to address in completing your review:
  2. What impression do you get from the author’s sketch of life in the political world? Is it an appealing world to be a part of?
  3. Briefly describe his presentation of the preoccupations of those who surround the party leader. Support your interpretations with suitable quotes and examples.
  4. How does the candidate Angus fit into the Canadian political party system as you know it? How does he look through the eyes of the party leader?
  5. What does he think his role is as a potential Member of Parliament? His constituents?
  6. What most interested you about this novel?
  7. Is Fallis optimistic or pessimistic about the future of Canadian democracy? Explain your answer.


  1. Length: 1500-2000 words (5-8pages)  TYPED AND DOUBLE SPACED, paginated, and with a proper title page [title, course number, your name, instructor’s name, and date of submission].  All essay assignments must be submitted in Word format or will be treated as not submitted. Hand-written assignments will not be accepted.


  1. Support your interpretations and analyses with suitable quotes. When quoting from the text, simply list the page number after the quotation. If you quote any other source, please cite the source using the MLA standard format.
  2. Part of the grade will be based upon the style and literacy of your presentation. The definition of literacy attached below offers a useful guideline for you to follow.


  1. University regulations on plagiarism and cheating will be strictly enforced. Please consult the university calendar for the current regulations.
  1. Value of Project: 100 points


The ability to write sentences which follow logically and meaningfully from one another, and paragraphs which are coherent and unified.

The ability to write an assignment which is well organized, and which is coherent and unified in terms of total impression it leaves on the reader.

The ability to write fluently, clearly, and concisely.

The ability to write grammatically, in a style which is free of all but minor errors in spelling, (punctuation), grammar, and vocabulary (and which makes proper use of English idiom).

The ability to generalize and particularize (i.e., having a capacity both to form adequate generalizations and to support them with concrete and particular evidence or argument).

The ability, when appropriate, to present original arguments about the issue at hand (but not mere expressions of personal opinion).

The ability, when appropriate, to debate the pros and cons of an issue with an intellectual detachment which overrides personal preoccupations.

Immunity to slang, jargon, and colloquialism (unless these are for some reason appropriate).

The ability to stick to the topic.

Having a respect for facts and knowledge (i.e., being willing, when appropriate, to base arguments on facts or on expert opinion, and being willing to undertake the necessary research to discover what these facts or opinions are).

The ability to write in a style appropriate to the subject and audience.


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