The purpose of the assessment is to allow students to reflect on the processes involved in second language learning, with reference to the main SLA models and theories discussed in different textbooks in relation to SLA

The purpose of the assessment is to allow students to reflect on the processes involved in second language learning, with reference to the main SLA models and theories discussed in different textbooks in relation to SLA

You have to write a Learning Diary for a new language that you took to learn. The purpose of this is to reflect on the learning process as a second language learner ( in this case you are learning Italian) and relate all the issues that you feel with the theories of second language acquisition.
Suggested structure

• Introduction: reasons for taking this language; hopes and fears, expectations prior to starting course; previous language learning experience; overview and aims of your paper.
• Brief description of course and class group; teaching approach; materials and tasks used in class; independent study and practice.
• Initial reactions as a learner; areas of difficulty, ease, frustration, progress etc.
• Reflections on the course over period of classes ( 3 months); ideas regarding connections between learning experience and SLA theoretical positions. Key issues or factors that emerged from the learning process: external, personal, classroom etc.; perhaps a ‘critical incident’ that illustrates a specific point in relation to theory or SLA perspectives.
• Summary and conclusions: personal and professional impact of the course and learning experience; response in terms of beliefs, theories and understanding of SLA issues; implications for future study, research and/or teaching.
• List of references.

Concise writing style needed for this assignment; bullet points acceptable; aim to balance the narrative/descriptive aspect with analysis and reflection that demonstrate your developing understanding of SLA theories and the complexity of the issues.

ATTENTION: you need to use list of references with exact page number in the text ( Harvard referencing style). You need to provide me the list of the whole references that you have used in the learning diary, in a separate pdf link which I will definitely check all of them and their eligibility. So please make sure that you work with honesty and write the correct references otherwise it be a waste of time to redo the whole thing again!
Basically you need to focus on some aspects that are linked with second language acquisition such as motivation, different type of learner, learning conditions, cognitive ability that you came across in your new language learning experience and explore/explain them in depth with relations to SLA acquisition theories with correct references.

So as your references, I would like you to use some resources from different authors such as Thornbury ‘what good is SLA theory?’

Glossary from Lightbown & Spada (2013) How Languages are Learned (4th edn.)

Canale & Swain (1980) Theoretical bases of communicative approaches
Long (1990) Second language theory article
Myles (2010) Research timeline for SLA theories
Atkinson (2011) Cognitivism and SLA (intro chapter)
Dixon et al (2012) what we know about SLA…
Munoz & Singleton (2011) on age-related research on L2 attainment
Norton (1997) Language, identity & ownership of English
Kramsch & Whiteside (2007) Three fundamental concepts in SLA & relevance in multilingual contexts
and many more..
This is a very important piece of work and I would expect you to write an academic piece of writing which follows all my instructions.

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