psychology assessment #3

psychology assessment #3

psychology assessment #3

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Assessment Instructions:
For this assessment task you will create a chart.
In your chart, you are to summarize each of the following theoretical perspectives (theories):

Psychoanalytic (also known as Psychodynamic)
Behavioral/Social Cognitive
For each theoretical category you are to:

Describe the theory.
List the names of people and the theory they developed within the category.
Explain the key ideas of each theory within in the category.
List and define the vocabulary relevant to each theory within the category.
List contributions for each theoretical category (See the “Evaluating………” subsection for each theory as described in
Chapter 1 in your textbook)
List criticisms for each theoretical category (See the “Evaluating………” subsection for each theory as described in
Chapter 1 in your textbook).
You can use the Theories of Development Chart template if you wish, to get you started, or you can create the chart on
your own.
In a conclusion, write a paragraph stating which theory of development you prefer. Provide reasons and support for your
You may use your textbook and any other resources to help you develop your chart.
You are not required to use APA in-text or reference citations for this assessment task.

Single space your responses within a chart format. Use a font size that is conducive to chart spacing (e.g., 10-point
font). Use either Times New Roman or Arial font.
Italicize or bold all concepts, terms, and/or theories that you apply in your report.
Include your name, the name of the assessment task and the course name in a header on your paper.
DO NOT ADD a TITLE PAGE or COVER to your assignment

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