Provide a critical analysis of a nursing issue (Homelessness in Quebec Canada)

Provide a critical analysis of a nursing issue (Homelessness in Quebec Canada)

“Provide a critical analysis of a nursing issue (Homelessness in Quebec Canada) by clearly identifying the following components:
1) Introduction:
a. Clearly identifying the topic of interest (Homelessness)
b. Clearly identifying a particular issue within that topic (Homelessness in Quebec Canada)
c. Identify what is the significance of the issue for health care professionals in this context or environment?
d. Identify the significance of the issue for health care and societal and/or global well being?
2) Situating the topic locating yourself in relation to it
Identify and express your own beliefs values and assumptions about the topic and issue.
a. Identify what beliefs and values you have in relation to your topic/issue.
b. Identify if you think other health care professionals carry the same assumptions. Why or why not?
3) Preliminary literature search and interpretation deconstructing the issue
Briefly describe how the topic/issue is represented (shows up) in nursing literature. (2 4 paragraphs equivalent) Access and incorporate no fewer than three (3) articles from PEER-REVIEWED journals.
a. Provide a short summary of the articles you have chosen.
b. Identify what key words produced the most helpful articles.
c. Identify whose perspectives are being represented in the articles? (i.e. nurses physicians other disciplines?)
4) Preliminary analysis
Begin analyzing the issue.
a. Using Chapter 1 (p. 3- 16) in McIntyre and McDonald Realities of Canadian Nursing: Professional Practice and Power Issues (2010 third edition) choose two or more analysis perspectives that seem to underpin your issue as you know it and as it is represented in the literature (i.e. historical analysis political analysis etc).
b. Discuss the issue from these perspectives. Identify how your chosen analysis perspective may be relevant to your nursing issue.



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