Promoting positive person centred values in this organisation

Promoting positive person centred values in this organisation.

In order to successfully complete this module, students will be required to complete a 3,000 word report, utilising the report writing skills they have been introduced to – earlier in this BSc Health & Social Care programme.

Specific Criteria for Assessment

Report Title: Promoting positive person centred values in this organisation.

Requirements: You are required to produce a report (using a standard pre-determined template) to illustrate the relevant issues in supporting the development of an organisational culture which promotes person centred practice.

To achieve this you are asked to produce a report which critically analyses the concepts of values and culture.  A detailed analysis of the role of managers/leaders in terms of theory and skills will be required in supporting such innovation in the organisation.

Therefore we are asking you to imagine that you are a manager in a health or social care organisation who has been charged with writing this report for service users, other managers and practitioners.


You have the choice on which organisation you wish to focus on (a school, nursing home, hospital ward/team, etc…).  Your report must be tailored to meeting the needs of the chosen organisational environment

Presentation of your submission

All work should adhere to the Harvard Referencing System

All assignments must to be word processed and formatted in the following way:

  • Use only Arial font – size 12
  • Use 1.5 line spacing throughout
  • Leave a line space between paragraphs
  • Number all pages
  • Ensure your name and student number is included in the header or footer of your assignment

Your report must include:

  • A title page, including student number etc. and presented in a manner consistent with the university guidelines
  • The report should be 1.5 line spaced and presented in a consistent type font (Ariel 12)
  • Each page should be numbered with your name and student number within a header/footer throughout your report.
  • An executive summary/abstract of the report, a contents page, findings and recommendations.

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