Project Assignment: Bilston Glen Distillery

Project Assignment: Bilston Glen Distillery

Bilston Glen Distillery follows in the tradition of Highland distilling in that it uses pot stills and matures its whisky in old sherry casks.


In order to meet new food handling requirements, a permanent record of use of each cask is to be maintained. Casks go through the following stages in their lives:


  1. Casks come from Portugal where they are used for maturing Sherry. The casks are bought from a London based dealer who supplies the casks in batches from a specific Bodega (sherry blender).
  2. The casks are inspected and repaired if necessary and marked with a serial number. The data of purchase, capacity and source of origin are recorded. The casks, wherever possible are kept and used in their original batches so that the quality of the whisky matured in them is consistent.
  3. The casks are filled with whisky. The filling date, whisky batch and quantity is noted.
  4. The casks are visually checked daily, however once a month the cask is weighed to check contents and the value noted. Any damage or deterioration to the cask is noted.
  5. Annually the cask is given a more thorough investigation; the cask is opened, a sample is drawn and the cask is re-bunged. The weight, content and condition are noted.
  6. After a period of time, the cask is emptied and the whisky goes for blending. This is noted and the remaining volume and cask condition is noted and put to store.
  7. The cask is then given a major internal and external inspection and the cask is either set for re-use, sent for repair and reused or sent for disposal. A record of the decision is made and dated.


You are to conduct an initial analysis and design of an information system to support the above activity.


You are to present your findings in the following form:


  1. A set of Data Flow Diagrams of your required logical design using SSADM notation. The diagrams are to include a context diagram and at least two further levels of expansion. You should continue the expansion of the model until sufficient detail of the key entities and processes can be identified.


  1. A Data dictionary listing all the data items shown in the DFD set, expanded to show detail.


  1. Entity life histories of each of the core entities.


  1. A logical data structure, identifying the main data entities and their relationships.


Length, style and format notes


The report is to be produced to a professional standard with a title sheet showing the module title and number and the title of the coursework. The report is to take the form of a 1000 – 1500 word written report covering the data analysis and process design aspects of the proposed system. The relevant diagrams should be included as appendices, cross referenced to the text. Academic referencing is not required. The front sheet should show your matriculation number, but not your name. You should also complete a School of Computing hand in sheet and fix this to the front of the report.


All textual work is to be presented in Arial Font. 11 pt on A4 paper, one side only. Graphics work may be computer generated or neatly hand drawn in ink (using a ruler…, etc.). Any hand-drawn materials will need to be scanned and neatly included in your report.




You should retain a backup copy of all materials.



You are reminded that this is an individual piece of work. Evidence of plagiarism may result in disciplinary action.




Marking grid Available Marks 1st 2:1 2:2 3rd Fail Mis Comments
DFD Analysis Set 30              



Data Dictionary 20              



Entity Life History Set 20              



Logical Data Structure 10              



Coherence and overall logic 10              



Standard of Presentation 10              




Comment grid. This work: Exc Gd OK Pr Un Additional comments
Demonstrates an understanding of the problem situation


Shows good use of the modelling



Is accurate and consistent


Demonstrates a workable and

logical solution


Is presented in a professional manner


Is technically accurate



(Exc – Excellent, Gd – Good, Pr – Poor, Un – Unaddressed) Additional comments:


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