Private International Law Custom Essay

Private International Law Custom Essay

Private International Law

Assessment Question: Private International Law (or Conflict of laws, as it is alternatively known) deals with the problems that can be faced by a court when considering a case which has a foreign element. This subject is of increasing importance in the context of the processes of economic globalisation.

When Betty from Barbados and Iqbal from Exeter make a contract in London, or are involved in an accident caused by negligence in Venezuela, any litigation arising from their behaviour will involve the application of private international law. If Betty and Iqbal ask you for advice after you have completed this course, you should be able to answer the following questions for them:

5 ???case?

those used in England.

rely upon and enforce the judgment in their these answers for Betty and Iqbal?

Structure of the Essay Requirements:

Please read p. 7 of the seminar handbook which contains the assessment criteria and also pp. 7 – 9 setting out the degree classification. After you write your essay, please self- assess to ensure that you have satisfied each of the criteria to a high standard.

Note that the essay title states ‘critically examine’, which means the essay should have a critical evaluation of cases etc. rather than being descriptive.

Please read the cases you cite from the law reports and cite the law reports full reference.

You should cite a minimum of 5 relevant journal articles from refereed academic journals.

Please try not to use quotations. If you think a passage in a judgment or a journal article is particularly appropriate to your essay, please summarise the gist of the content of the passage in your own words and cite the reference as a footnote. You should always back up your statements with references, even if it is just the textbook.

If you wish to cite the same reference in successive footnotes, cite the reference once and then in successive footnotes you should use ibid with the page number (if the page in a successive footnote is different). However, if you cite a reference in footnote 1 and then after citing other references you wish to again cite the same reference as in footnote 1, it is not appropriate to use ibid. Please use your referencing guide to see the referencing style to be used in such an instance.

Please ensure that you comply with the word limit.

Please write at the beginning of the essay the referencing guide you have used, so that I can assess your referencing according to the guide you have followed.

The following is a link to the OSCOLA referencing guide:

You may also use another referencing style such as Harvard.

There should be footnotes at the bottom of each page and also a bibliography at the end of the essay. Please note the citation differences between a reference in a footnote and a reference in a bibliography.


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