Predictions for the Future of the Internet.

Introduction. 1

Importance of the trend (internet) for global business/Economy. 3

Marketing and Advertising. 3

Image Building. 3

Communication and Interaction. 3

Information Gathering. 4

Remote Services. 4

Transactions. 4

Background: Information supporting the trend with existing data. 5

A chart showing the trend growth of the internet since 1990s. 5

Analysis of the Pros and Cons of the trend with supporting data, including the impacts and influences by the State and TNCs, and other aspects of globalization. 6

Pros of the internet. 6

Easy and cheap communication. 6

File sending. 6

Loads of information. 7

Entertainment. 7

Services. 7

Promotes product. 7

Cons of Internet. 8

Virus Threat. 8

Identity theft. 8

Spamming. 8

Pornography. 9

Social disconnect. 9

Future of the trend: Analysis of the future of the trend would look like. 9

Globalism.. 9

Communities. 10

Virtual reality. 11

Bandwidth. 11

Wireless. 12

Grids. 12

Integration. 12

Conclusion. 13




            Internet Media is the means through which information is conveyed to people through cables that are linked together at certain workstations. Today, Internet media is everywhere and it has become so difficult to avoid it. The use of Internet by people has revolutionized the consumer interacts and their businesses. The use of Internet has become uniquely important for the growth of global business. Internet has totally changed the way people work, shop,and the way they live. The use of Internet media became increasingly in the 21st century making many businesses to be conducted easily. Businesses arena has been transformed especially in the sector of communications, by reducing the amount of time required in transmitting the information over the long distances. Internet on the other hand, has made itself so indispensable for the commercial endeavors (Wallace, 2004).

Many businesses has discovered an internet to be the most unique of technology tomankind, without internet many businesses could have declined, it has made the life of most companies to be easy, that they cannot think their life without it even for a single minute. Today the internet has become the indispensible part of the company’s aspect of life. It has not become the only fastest means to provide information in the organization but, it seems to serve in many other waystoday (Wallace, 2004). However, one of the major benefits that the people using the internet enjoy is the way they get to communicate to one another at a far end. There are different people who live in different corners of the world who can manage to share their information regarding the businesses they carry out and this can be done smoothly through the use of internet media. The internet is equipped with modern interactive tools such as, emails, short media messages, chats voice and short media messagesthat enable it to providethe fastest free communication.On the contrary, for the telephone connections, people manage to access the internet from all the corners of the world providing services to them at all times.

The use of internet has become of a great significant for the global business economy in various ways. The business fraternities are the people who have experienced the most positive impacts of the internet. In fact, most business development has changed permanently because of the introduction of the internet. As it is compared to the past, today the quality and quantity seems not to be the only benchmarks for the business growth and development, but it has become the visibility in the global economy. The organization should make sure that their brand reaches the global market and there is visibility of the products everywhere. Today, most businesses promote their products through campaigns to achieve the success of their businesses; however, this can be done only when communications and interactions with people are fully improved. With the modern tools, the internet enables the firms to do that (Wallace, 2004).

Gone are the days when people were promoting their products by publishing advertisements on newspapers, businesses have reached the new technology so faster in that they advertise  their products through online marketing. This makes other people across the world to get to know about the products being sold as well as, the company with just a click on the mouse from any place whenever they wish to. Communication is very important between the entities as from the manufacturer down to the dealers, and the modern tools for interacting such as chats and emails allows the business organizations to create the supply chain management that keeps the entities of the business to be linked closely to each other.

So in a nutshell, the reason why the internet is important for global business or economy is very immense. In fact, without internet media, the prosperity of the business in today’s’ world could have resulted into a big challenge. For the fraternity of global business, internet has really become the greatest support that will continue to serve it better in the coming future.

Importance of the trend(internet)for global business/Economy

Marketing and Advertising

Internet is the essential marketing as well as, an advertising tool that is used in most organizations for businesses. Many businesses fail to exist in bricks and mortar forms, hence the Internet that comes in form of different websites and online advertising usually represents the whole storefront presented to the public who buy the product. There are certain developing businesses that use the internet advertising in order to supplement the newspapers and the radios when targeting the younger potential customers (Wallace, 2004).

Image Building

Today, the savvy business owners of small and larger ventures have recognized the significance of creating a Web presence by use of websites. Besides the websites created, the businesses have also managed in engaging themselves in various social networking phenomenons that escalated in the late 20th century. Businesses have created profiles on the platforms for example; Facebook, LinkedIn and Google plus that helps them in executing the soft marketing to improve their image with the general public and customers (Wallace, 2004).

Communication and Interaction

Today use of telephone communications has become so far from dead, it is easier and cheaper to communicate through email. Most companies have managed to use emails in communicating with the public to transmit messages in the company. Furthermore, the real-time communication for example the instant messaging (IM), the Internet telephony, virtual meetings and conferences are increasingly significant in the day to day workings of the business in the 21st century.

Information Gathering

Whether the searches take place on the Web or through specialized databases such as Hoovers, the Internet searching has become very essential research tool for the businesses in nearly every companies or industry. The libraries have also been transformed by Internet explosion, with much of their collections being converted to the electronic records that are made to be available to customers by use of the Internet. In addition to accessing the library records online, businesses have also managed to access breaking news and stock exchange information in real time through the Internet. Businesses also perform research online.

Remote Services

            Several companies do employ workers, contractors as well as, consultants as the telecommuters. Telecommuters can be either located locally or very far away from the company’s base of operations. Companies having an international presence normally use the Internet in facilitating communications among their offices in varied locations.


In addition, the use of Internet has made it easier, faster and less expensive to process payments and other transactions essential to businesses.


Background: Information supporting the trend with existing data.

There has been an increasing in the number of gambling services since the emergence of the internet in the 1990s. Most services have been made to be on-line and new remote communication technologies. The development of new technologies, the commercial initiatives, along with market penetration of businesses have made the gambling services sectors to be extremely dynamic as well as, potentially transformative in future.

It is most likely that before the consensus is reached between the Member States of the European Court (EU) about how best they can deal with commercial gambling opportunities, they have to firstly market globally in order to transform the ongoing expansion of remote gambling through technologies of internet, and the mobile phones.
            The use of internet along with other media has made it possible for people to gamble in their home areas, in offices, and other venues of their choice at any time on virtually, for example, any forms of gambling available in land-based venues, and on some new forms, such as betting exchanges, tournaments, spread betting and poker, which are not so readily available in conventional venues.

A chart showing the trend growth of the internet since 1990s





Analysis of the Pros and Cons of the trend with supporting data, including the impacts and influences by the State and TNCs, and other aspects of globalization

Internet is the greatest inventions of the century. Today people can do research by going to Google to do researches instead of going into libraries. Internet can be used to do different things, such as, shopping from the eBay, chatting with friends from Skype and Facebook and many more. Internet is very important although it has some pros and cons to its users.

Pros of the internet

Easy and cheap communication

Internet enables faster communication with other people from the far end; this can be done through e-mails as well as social communication such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. The services are free of charge when being used as compared to other communication media such as newspaper advertisements. The main target of the Internet is the speedy communication which excelled beyond the expectations. As time changes, the newer innovations will make the internet to be faster and reliable. Today, most people communicate in a fraction of second with other people across the world.

File sending

            The Internet has also enabled the sending of files to be easier. For example, it has become easier for people to send videos to their friends, who may be living in another country without any difficulty. It may not be so practical to send a big package with the video; however, a person can do that by sending it via the e-mail.

Loads of information

The research shows that, the internet has got more information which is essential to those people who are doing research rather than buying the books or going to libraries to do research. The search engines for example, the Google and the Yahoo tends to be available whenever one is in need of.

Research has also shown that entertainment is the most reasons as why many people prefer going to the internet to surf. Entertainment involves things like watching video online as well as, playing games. In fact, the Internet is successful in trapping most multifaceted entertainment industries.


Internet on the other hand has become so important by making peoples life to become easier by offering services like online banking, online booking, online shopping as well as, hotel reservations.

Promotes product

Internet seems to be the best and cheapest means of promoting the businesses or the products. The organization can easily create their website by using less amount of money so as to reach their potential customers. Conversely, bloggers can also be used when the companies are not in a position of spending their money on the website.

Cons of Internet

Virus Threat

Generally, all viruses come from the internet. Therefore, whenever an individual browses the internet, s/he has to take extra care. Problems are compounded when one downloads files from the internet. It is imperative that one installs Web of Trust add-on that gives warnings about online scams, sites with adult content, and spam when using browsers like Firefox. This add-on makes the computer safe from online threats like spyware, ad-ware, and viruses. Viruses shut down systems. Unsuspecting internet users fall prey to virus attacks by clicking seemingly harmless links that otherwise contain virus programs. Computers connected to the internet are very prone to virus attacks. In fact, some of them end up crashing.

Identity theft

Those who use internet for online banking and social networking risk possible threat of theft of personal information. Unscrupulous people easily get access to your name, address, credit card number, and other valuable information about you. This they do by planting software. Moreover, they can get these pieces of information through unsecured connections.


This refers to sending of unwanted e-mails in bulk. These e-mails obstruct the entire system. It has its inherent dangers like making the internet slower and less reliable (Poe, 2011).


Pornography is one of the most outstanding challenges that internet use has brought along. Internet is awash with photos, videos, and adult content that can be easily accessed and downloaded. Children and teenagers who have access to internet services are an at-risk group. Havoc in marital and social lives of adults are a pointer to the damage that porn does to the societal moral fiber (Poe, 2011).

Social disconnect

Because of internet, social networking sites have become the medium of interaction. All and sundry have embraced the virtual world abandoning their friends and family. Children have taken to playing online games as opposed to socializing with their peers in the playgrounds. This negatively impacts social development in kids (Poe, 2011).


Future of the trend: Analysis of the future of the trend would look like.

Just like the world had an access to the internet to get more information in the 1990s, the ongoing development of the internet in terms of the speed, bandwidth, as well as, its functionality will always continue to cause various fundamental changes in the future and changes in which the world will operate for the decades to come.Some of the key trends shaping the future of the Internet are analyzed below, along with how the trend would look like.


The future development and distribution of information through the Internet global will continue lifting the world community for the generations to come. The cost of internet usage will be much cheaper than it is today since at least the world at large will be using the internet in their homes or in their offices. Everyone will get access to any kind of the information that they wish, and get to be very smarter as well as, being aware of the world which is outsidetheir local environment. Conversely, many informed humanity will on the other hand make a better macro-level decisions which will drive the international relations towards the global focus. There will also a great connections linking the countries that will tends to having been marginally decreased, while the resources shared will definitely increase.


            Most communities have now been united as it has united the networks today by the revolution of the future internet communications that is ongoing. It is true that, just a few things about an internet is global given that the interconnected world is as well locally interconnected. The research has shown more usage of internet within the communities for communication rather than across the country. The future internet will make the local communities to organize in a virtual space, as well as websites to be more organized as it is now. On the other end, the future internet will also affect the communities by not bringing it to individual communication however linking the city to establish relationships with other people in the local area. The internet applications in the coming future will change from hobby clubs to political firms to social networking. The internet will change the expectations of most geographical oriented organizations thus providing an increase wide choice to the individuals who love participating in the local communities having sharing their interests (McBlain, 2009).

Virtual reality

            The future of the trend (internet) will continue to be developed by many men around the world. The use of voice and video communications via the internet had been used since 1990s. However Voice over IP (VOIP) just came up in 2002 and this shows how the revolution of internet is changing again and again. The use of Internet video phones have also come in, showing how in the coming years there will be the ability of more technologies that will process the complex analog environment.The future trend will also allow the users to have a three dimensional graphics that will become very sophisticated. The developed technology will be used in a manner that it will navigate the information in the internet to the universe for group communications. Uses of virtual reality will not only advantageous to natural world, but it will also have flexibility as well as, speed of a digital world that is layered on the internet; therefore, it will create magical environments that people will begin imagining. The increasing virtual experiences will continue changing again and again to develop human relations (McBlain, 2009).



The future internet growth in bandwidth will continue to grow. An increase of bandwidth of about 10Mbs of range will be deployed by the users to their homes by use of phones, cables or wireless networks. The cable modems that are used today will continue spreading to a higher speed of Internet in the populated areas. There will be a high resolution such as videos and virtual reality that will be available online while the cost of the internet connections being much cheaper or continue to drop (McBlain, 2009).


            The future of internet wireless communication will also change, given that communication is the end-game to share information from one place to another. Wireless Internet networks will allow a faster service at a lower cost over a wide distance, in due end pushing away the physical transmission systems(McBlain, 2009).


            The future of an Internet grid is as predictable as the spread of the Internet seems now. Today there are about a thousands of computers that are connected together so as to solve certain problems within organizations. This is known as grid computing. Grid computing will continue to develop in the coming decades to change the living of people across the world.For example, the connected internet will foster the technological cooperation’s around the world harnessing them together to provide enormous reservoirs of the computer powers for all purposes. Research shows that grid computing is able to create processing power houses that can be used for more than one organization (McBlain, 2009).


            The future of the Internet integration will increase with an increase number of more other technologies. There will be an increase in theInternet which isintegrated with phones, televisions, and small hardware devices, providing an unprecedented, nearly uniform level of integrated data communications. Users will be able to access, status, and control this connected infrastructure from anywhere on the Internet (McBlain, 2009).


Generally, internet mediais very important for the global business or economy. In fact, without internet media, the prosperity of the business in the world of today could have resulted into a big challenge. For the fraternity of global business, internet has really become the greatest support that will continue to serve it better in the coming future.Thus, the Internet has the potential of making peoples life simple and convenient, as well as wreaks havoc in a person’s life.


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