Postmodern Theory Custom Essay

Postmodern Theory Custom Essay

Question No One:

As we learned in the essay On the Avant Garde and Kitsch, Greenberg has a very narrow view of the cultural and aesthetic significance of the artistic gesture it is the holder of high culture, it is painted and purely optical, which means that it has no figurative or narrative or references to anything in life “ it is therefore pure, painted marking and because of its insistence on referring to nothing, it represents the creative will of the artist against the vulgar demands of media, market and power politics.

Find a few quotes in Greenberg that suggest to you his idea of high art, true culture, and painted abstract gesture.

In the Post Modern era, which as we have said and read in Gonzales begins roughly in the 1950s, we see work and ideas in the Situationists, the Gutai, Kaprow’s Happenings, the Fluxus group, Performance Art like Chris Burden’s Shoot, challenging Greenberg with very different, uniquely postmodern conceptions of gesture. Using Pushing Mud by Shiraga, compare Greenberg’s painted abstract gestures with the type of gestures that we see in Pushing Mud.

You may defend your argument or explain your ideas using other works mentioned here or that we have discussed as reflecting a postmodern approach to gesture,

Question No Two

Jackson Pollock was considered the best example of Greenberg’s idea of painted gesture; in Kaprow’s article The Legacy of Pollock, Kaprow argues that Pollock is in many ways one of the earliest postmodern artists. With a few perfect quotes from Kaprow discuss how he reinterprets Kaprow and offers him to the 1960s a new and postmodern light.

Question N. Three

Huge and radical paradigm shifts like the move from modern to post modern art-thought-culture-experience culture do not happen in a vacuum or just because. We read the very clear, very step by step events that led to contemporary art and thought in the Gonzales article. Please outline the socio-economic, political and intellectual events that set the stage for post modernity using Gonzales and class discussions. Pick one or two works from class and the Readings that illustrate these changes to you, Be sure to define the difference between avant garde art that is â political, and postmodern activist art “ there is that word that keeps coming up: action!

Question No. Four


Judd never defines a specific object but he says that it is definitely an object that is not just life, (i.e. it is definitely art) and yet it defies all traditional rules and conventions of composition, whole- part, arranging things that have marked previous art styles until the 1960s. Try to give a brief description in your own words of what a specific object is and how Judd goes out of his way to break down the conventions of pure form and yet make an object that was clearly artistic. You can also say he is full of it (but be careful!) but you must define your position and also make his ideas clear. You can use his Cubes work that we discussed in class to make your points.


Question No Five


Mulvey extend Freud by saying that the male response to the female love object is not just one of erotic pleasure. What ideas about the depth and mechanisms of patriarchy, and the way it represents and imagines the female does she add to Freud’s theories? Are women exempt from these in her view? Be very specific and include quotes; find one work that we have seen together or you know about and use it to build your argument.


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