Pick a famous person, and write a personality profile on him/her. You may choose any famous figure you wish

Pick a famous person, and write a personality profile on him/her. You may choose any famous figure you wish

Pick a famous person, and write a personality profile on him/her. You may choose any famous figure you wish: actor, musician, athlete, serial killer, artist, etc. (there are no limits in who you can choose). Your profile should include the following: 1) Relevant background about the person: family life growing up; information on parents, siblings, friends, etc; any childhood incidences that may have contributed to their “rise” to fame 2) A description of any critical incident(s), experience(s), or event(s) that had an impact (good or bad) on the person. How exactly was the person was affected by this/these event(s)? 3) Describe your individual’s personality: has his/her personality help him/her achieve fame? If so, how? 4) Finally (and your paper MUST include this), pick one theory from the chapter on personality (e.g., Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, Adler’s individual psychodynamic theory, Jung’s analytical psychodynamic theory, Rogers’ person-centered theory, Bandura’s social cognitive theory, etc.) and provide a explanation of your individual’s personality using that theory. You may have to do some additional research on the theorist/theory to help you with this portion of the paper. To be clear, describing the individual’s personality by using various adjectives (e.g., “determined,” “strong-willed,” “fearless,” etc.) is *not* utilizing a psychological theory and will not fulfill this portion of the assignment. In addition, utilizing the theory does *not* involve citing your opinions about how the individual’s personality developed. Rather, his or her personality is to be conceptualized *completely* within the framework of the theory you choose. Finally, I’m looking for depth and quality of effort here. As such, simply making a token statement about “childhood experiences” will not suffice as evidence of sufficient effort when using Freud’s theory, for example. IMPORTANT: Do not plagiarize your paper. Plagiarism is stealing and passing off the ideas or words of another individual or source as one’s own without crediting the source. Recently I have had a lot of students who copied and pasted (word-for-word) information listed on Wikipedia. DON’T DO THIS! It is really easy to identify papers that have been plagiarized. Also, keep in mind that if you copy the words from another source and only change a few words here and there…it is still plagiarism. Part of the challenge of writing an original paper is paraphrasing portions of sources that your use to help you write the paper. It can be difficult, but as you progress further in college (to 4-year colleges), you’ll write more papers and will be expected to paraphrase multiple sources. Plagiarized papers will automatically earn a zero. For this paper, it will be helpful for you to read about the person you choose (this way you know about their background, past, family life, etc). Examples of resources you can use to gather information include: a biography/autobiography, magazine articles, Internet resources, etc. You are to use at least three sources in writing your paper (keep in mind, heavily citing Wikipedia while incorporating a small amount of information from two other sources is not properly utilizing three sources). These sources must be cited throughout your paper. Also, you will need to include a Reference page, where you will cite the sources you use. Papers not citing sources throughout and/or failing to include a reference page will be docked points. It will also be helpful to research the theory you will use to explain your person’s personality. This paper has a 2-4 page limit (paper should be no less than 2 FULL pages not including the heading of the paper).

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