Personal statement for Pharmacology and toxicology

Personal statement for Pharmacology and toxicology master admission Custom Essay

I was live in a big house with my family and five aunts , all of my aunts love the science , three of them are nutrition specialists ,one is physician and the youngest one is pharmacist . I was try to copy them by wear their white coats and read their big books when i was 7 years old . Since i was in secondary school my youngest aunt noted that i love the chemistry branch and she started to encouraging me and take me with her to laboratory classes in the pharmacology department in the university in my country ,when she was student there. then i have started dream of being a pharmacist as my aunt and how can i help the patients cure.

In the school i maintained high grade in science specially in the chemistry. Then i found that the medicine is the field where i can practice my interest and help the others at the same time .

In 1999 i succeeded to get high score to enrollment in the medical school in my country Libya . Since that time i felt i am on my way to achieving my target and i start to working hardly during all the four academic years and the three clinical years of medical school and try to make connection between the pharmacology and other subjects as pathology ,physiology , and biochemistry.

Iam graduated from medical school and i get bachelors degree in medicine and general surgery and i started work in tripoli medical center in respiratory department of medicine and i meet the respiratory therapists who are working to educate the patients how to use inhaler device for lung diseases and how every drug work in our body cells , that was very interested to me , after that during my ten months of rotation in oncology department i became familiar with anticancer agents ,how to mix the different doses from different drugs to make specific combination for specific cancer , actually at that time i started know how much is important this big field of drugs and i started to think how we can improve the effects of the drugs , how to minimize the side effects on our body .This confirm my desire to continue along the academic path through master of pharmacology .

Also i was worked as pharmacist assistant for more than six months and that give me experience in the pharmaceutical field and a lot of new knowledge about the last updates for anti hypertension,anticoagulants,antibiotics ,hormonal therapy and much else .

Since i came to the united states I have hear much about the wright state university from my friends , and i read a lot about Boonshoft school of medicine in clinical and academic degree , Until last fall when my husband (Majdi Abdulmaula ) joined Wright state University, department of pharmacology and toxicology master degree. he started to tell me about the well esteemed program and highly expert staff in pharmacology department . He told me that, this program is not merely a master degree, but it is a family that work together to generate a long live relationship.


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