Organizational Modeling Assignment: Lifeline Medical Supplies

Organizational Modeling Assignment


Lifeline Medical Supplies

Lifeline Medical Supplies makes a variety of medical supplies such as test tubes, thermometers, and disposable surgical garments. Lifeline employs the following procedures for purchases and accounts payable.

The supplies manager orders goods and maintains perpetual inventory records. The records include reorder points for all regularly used items. The supplies manager prepares a requisition on a two-part prenumbered form. After signing the requisition, he files one copy by requisition number and sends the other copy to the purchasing department. The production manager also must approve requisitions for items that cost over $100 and are not covered by a blanket order.

Some supplies that are used in large quantities come under “blanket” purchase orders. Blanket orders are based on agreements between Lifeline and different vendors to buy a minimum amount of supplies over a specified period of time at a guaranteed price. Purchase requisitions against these orders do not require the production manager’s approval, as long as the agreed minimum is not surpassed. The purchasing department keeps the blanket orders filed by item name.

The purchasing department checks a requisition for proper approval and selects a vendor. A five-part prenumbered purchase order is prepared. Copies are sent to the vendor, receiving department, accounts payable, and the supplies manager. The purchasing agent records the current purchase on the blanket order if applicable and files its purchase order and requisition copies by purchase order number in the open order file. The receiving department files its copy in a file by purchase order number. The supplies manager files his copy with its corresponding requisition.

The receiving department counts the goods when they are received, compares the count to the packing slip, and prepares a four-part receiving report. Copies of the receiving report are sent to the supplies manager, the purchasing department, and accounts payable. The receiving department files its copy of the receiving report and the packing slip with its copy of the purchase order. The supplies manager updates the perpetual inventory records when he receives the receiving report and then files the purchase order, purchase requisition, and receiving report by purchase order number. The purchasing department files its copy with the order in the open order file.

The purchasing department receives two-part invoices from the vendors. The invoices are compared by a clerk to the purchase order and the receiving report from the open order file. The clerk initials them if they are accurate. The purchasing agent must approve any price or quantity variances that are more than 5 percent over the price or quantity quoted on the purchase order. One copy of the approved invoice is sent to accounts payable. The purchase order, purchase requisition, invoice, and receiving report are then filed in the closed order file by purchase order number.

The accounts payable department receives purchase orders and approved invoices from the purchasing department and receiving reports from the receiving department. As each one is received, it is filed in the pending file by vendor name. When all the documents for an order are received, a clerk posts the payable amount to the payable voucher for the particular vendor. A disbursement voucher is then prepared and attached to the order, receiving report, and invoice. This package is then given to the accounts payable manager for review and approval. The manager gives the approved disbursement vouchers to a second clerk. This clerk batches and totals the approved vouchers and prepares a batch summary. The batch summary is sent to the accounting department. A third clerk completes a two-part, prenumbered check/ remittance advice form for each disbursement voucher. The check/remittance advices and the disbursement vouchers are sent to the cashier.

The cashier totals the checks and compares that total to the total of all the batches. She then signs the checks with the treasurer’s signature using a check-signing machine that she has in her office. She then places in envelopes the first copies of the check/remittances and sends them to the vendors. The second copy is sent to the accounting department



  • Create the Domain Dictionary based on the requirements specifications stated above
  • Create the Actor Dictionary based on the requirements specifications stated above
  • Create the Use Case Diagram based on the requirements specifications stated above


  • Complete Domain Dictionary
  • Complete Actor Dictionary
  • Capture the Use Case Diagram and save it as image(s) in the PDF file that you are submitting as the solution for this assignment.


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