Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Assignment Instructions
Submit the answers to the self assessment discussion questions (500-word count) that are located page 59. Support the concepts (in-text citations) of the assessment with one scholarly journal article and textbook material. Provide references in APA format for your sources. Organizational Behavior

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Please just paste your work in the assignment box and do not attach a document.Organizational Behavior

To what extent . . .

  1. Are you encouraged to voice any concerns to your superiors?
  2. Are evaluations of your performance generally based on accurate information?
  3. Do you have opportunities to correct mistakes in the way your job performance is assessed?
  4. Do the rewards you receive (e.g., pay raises, recognition) reflect your relative contributions to the


  1. When people in your company are reprimanded, does the punishment received fit the crime?
  2. Do the best people in the company receive the most recognition for their accomplishments?
  3. Does your supervisor treat you in a polite manner?
  4. Does your superior demonstrate respect and dignity in the way he or she regularly treats you?
  5. Is your superior unlikely to make rude and demeaning statements?
  6. Does your superior communicate news to you in an open and unbiased fashion?
  7. Does your superior share important information in a timely manner?
  8. Is your superior likely to explain his or her decisions to you in a clear and thorough fashion
  9. Organizational Behavior

Discussion Questions

  1. With respect to what particular type of fairness did you score highest? What specific experiences contributed to this assessment?
  2. With respect to what particular type of fairness did you score lowest? What specific experiences contributed to this assessment?
  3. What kinds of problems resulted from any violations of any type of organizational justice you may have experienced? What could have been done to avoid these violations?

Text Book:

Greenberg, J. (2013).  Managing Behavior in Organizations (6th ed.). McGraw-Hill/Irwin.  ISBN-10:  0-13-272983-0.


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