NU310.Unit 6.Topic Sampling Plan

NU310.Unit 6.Topic Sampling Plan

This is a continuation of assignment 704938610, 660736525, 190336257
Congratulations! At this point in the course you should have a developed a valid research problem, research question(s), plan for conducting ethical research, and research design. Now, you can select and integrate a sampling plan into your proposed research study.
In this discussion actively engage your classmates and instructor in a lively debate to refine the sampling plan for your proposed research study. Remember to have fun with your selected research topic. This is your chance to assume the role of a nurse researcher.
Directions for a structured data collection plan (use this template for critique of a structured data collection plan as a guide):
Design a sampling plan for your proposed research study including:
description of the population, discerning accessible and target populations;
eligibility criteria including inclusion and exclusion criteria;
discussion of sampling bias;
sampling design (probability versus nonprobability);
sampling method;
sample size; and
implementation plan.

Guidelines for Critiquing Structured Data Collection

1. If self-report methods were used, did the researcher make good decisions about the specific method used to solicit self-report information (e.g., mix of open- and closed-ended questions, use of composite scales, etc.)?
2. Was the instrument package adequately described in terms of reading level of the questions, length of time to complete it, modules included, and so on?
3. Was the mode of obtaining the self-report data appropriate (e.g., in-person interviews, mailed SAQs, Internet questionnaires, etc.)?
4. Were self-report data gathered in a manner that promoted high-quality and unbiased responses (e.g., in terms of privacy, efforts to put respondents at ease, etc.)?
5. If observational methods were used, did the report adequately describe the specific constructs that were observed? What was the unit of observation, and was this appropriate?

6. Was a category system or rating system used to organize and record observations? Was the category system exhaustive? How much inference was required of the observers? Were decisions about exhaustiveness and degree of observer inference appropriate?
7. What methods were used to sample observational units? Was the sampling approach a good one, and did it likely yield a representative sample of behavior?
8. To what degree were observer biases controlled or minimized?

9. Were biophysiologic measures used in the study appropriate? Did the researcher appear to have the skills necessary for proper interpretation of biophysiologic measures?

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