Managing Data for Performance Improvement

Managing Data for Performance Improvement.


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Lines should be doubled-spaced throughout the document, without extra spaces at the top or bottom of the page or between paragraphs or sections.

A complete document includes a title page, an abstract (if the instructor requires it), the body of the paper, a reference list, and appendices (if indicated). The paper should be 10 to 12 pages in length, not including cover page.

Basic Structure of Scholarly Writing:


Body (development of the points)


Study Approach to the Assignment:

Understand what the assignment is having you do. What is the topic, question, and focus of the assignment?

Begin your research and choose your sources; take notes about the main points in the article.

Decide on your thesis statement and prepare a writing plan. The writing plan is an outline of the paper.


Start with major themes from the literature.

Consider the point you want to make related to each theme, related to your thesis statement. Remember that you will want to include other perspectives and either support or refute the perspective when applicable.

Insert details of point development under each theme. Include a notation of the reference sources so that you can include that in the paper.

Begin writing.

Check your paper and correct any grammatical and spelling errors prior to submitting the body of your paper to TurnItIn.

Submit the body of your paper to TurnItIn at least 24 hours before the due date (you should consider submitting 72 hours before—in case TurnItIn is delayed—so that you have time to make any final revisions before submitting the paper for a grade before the deadline). Review the report when it comes back and save it to your computer. When you review the report, look at the source matching and ensure that you have paraphrased and cited the information correctly in the paper.

Submit your paper as a Word document in the appropriate section.

More Details about Parts of the Paper:

The abstract should summarize the content of the report, not be an introduction (the “tone” of the abstract should be similar to news broadcast). Include the following: a) what the paper is about, b) types of resources used to investigate your report and how they were obtained, and c) significant implications. Limit the abstract to 150 words or less.

The body of the paper begins with the introduction (page 3 of the paper if there is an abstract). Repeat the title of the paper on the first line of the page, but do not add the title “introduction.” In APA term papers, the first paragraph of the paper is understood to be the introduction.

The introduction should:

Relate the purpose of the paper (e.g., to present the issue and suggest how to resolve it?).

Define key concepts.

Indicate the significance.

State your thesis statement. The thesis statement should reflect that you have chosen a position that is stated in one sentence and that answers the assignment question. However, remember to use APA style to make your thesis statement. This means you will not use the first-person perspective (“I” statements). Also note: Often, there is no “right” or “wrong” answer to the question. The point is to take a position and then present arguments—or rationales—that support your position.

Next, there should be a development of points (arguments) that were mentioned in the introduction. The body looks at, analyzes, and evaluates the evidence (from the literature) and makes connections that present your points, step by step (a logical development of rationale), to support your thesis statement. A major part of the grade for writing assignments relates to the writing skills of presenting your argument.

There should be a clear indication of the significance of the problem to nursing practice or other discipline, supported by the literature (note that the introduction merely introduces it; the development expounds on the introduction).

Then, present the arguments about how to manage this issue or topic. Remember to present the main points of each author, analyzing and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each position. Consider any relationships between what the authors have said. Is there any overlap? Are there any gaps? Do the authors make valid points?

Consider what applies from the article(s) that support your persuasive argument. Use all of the literature to back up your statements; synthesizing the information from your articles (no more than 20% of the paper should be quoted material). Also, avoid using bulleted lists.

The last paragraph of the body of the paper will be the conclusion. The conclusion should assess the issue by summarizing the points made in the paper (and not introduce any “new” points) by stating any further recommendations about the topic and by ending with a repeat of your thesis statement to emphasize your position on the assignment question.

The paper will end with a reference list of each reference cited in the paper. You must follow any specific instructions made by your instructor. When you conduct your literature search, you will find many articles and must decide which articles to use. Consider the following:

Use articles that were published within the past five years.

Look for peer-reviewed articles in notable journals (For nursing: Avoid nurse-opinion articles posted on the internet from nursing websites, such as The Center for Nursing Advocacy,, and others. Also, avoid hospital organization sites.) Look at the major nursing journals (do a Shapiro Library lit search instead of an internet search). You may consider using a position statement from a nursing organization as one of the resources.

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