Management Skills: Write about my business

Management Skills: Write about my business

The project: Management Skills

This project has been going on for the past 5 weeks. Every week we would be in our group, and the teacher would tell us a new thing about our “created business” and we had to come up with ideas of how to fix the problem. For example, the fact that everything was going amazing so we opened new factories but we had to close them due to hard core new competition… What to do… Another example is that in “we are in 2020” and there is a new law saying that e cigarette became illegal in Europe. This is the reason why in 2017 we decided to focus more on the Asian market and North/South America market, as well as the factories which were getting built in Dubai. Of course as you can understand, our e-cigarette is a revolutionary product, way better, safer and cheaper and healthier than the one you find now.

You have to come up with a name of the company.

What to do:

Basically, what you have to do is talk, and invent as much as you want about this business idea. In the following document you will have the main characteristics of the business, and after its up to you to say whatever the hell you possibly want. You have to link it to management theories, and it needs minimum 30 sources, with minimum 10 appendices.

The business:


–              We are an e-cigarette company opened 30-40 years ago

–              For now, we were located in 3-4 countries (Spain, France, Germany & Switzerland)

–              The headquarters of the company is located in Switzerland

–              There is a big management style, everybody located in Swiss except one/two local Human Resource person in each country (but the big HR boss is in Swiss).

–              We have 100 employees (at the beginning) + 50 more employees in Headquarters.

–              We are the market leaders in France, Swiss, Germany and Spain.

–              Our profit doubled in the past 5 years


The problems:

–              Market showed decrease 10% to 15% per year

–              New competitors are coming to our leading countries

–              We opened 2 new factories 2 years ago, one in Dubai and one in Spain, we have to close the Spain one. Each have 100 employees (on top of the 100 total before)

–              The last big problem was the workers going on a strike because they saw one of our chairman/CEO who was flying in his private jet, so they go on a strike asking for more money after realizing that the company has so much money.


The Management Structure:


Look at the management structure of the company Nestle in Switzerland so you have an idea. We are four owners (chairman/CEO) of the business. The management structure as previously said is headquarters based in Switzerland with all the financial team and everything. The Human Resource boss is here as well. You have local HR director in each factory since they all are located in different countries with different laws and regulations. Please carefully look at Nestle Management Structure in their website in Switzerland so you understand and have a similar style. Add as well a research team for new development.



Objectives of the Business:


Our objective is to be the market leaders in the world. With time we had to close our factories in Europe because it became illegal, but we will come up with a new e-cigarette project that will be agreed by European government and will make us stay there except we will have already closed all factories to move them to Americas, Asia & UAE as labor cost is cheaper, but the headquarters always stay in the USA. We open factories in America N & S, UAE and Asia mostly China. We as well sell some of the constructions products to world leader’s tobacco companies such as Philip Morris, or Malboro who decided to go in the e-cigarette business.


What you have to do:


–              Cover Page


–              Abstract


–              Introduction

o             Talk about the company (the business)

o             What is our product

o             Where are we located

o             What is our target market?

o             Everything about our business


–              Organisation

o             How is our management structure?


–              Objectives of the Business

o             Short term – Long term

o             Action Plan for each


–              Action Plan for each objectives


–              Change Introduced

o             Market decreased so we had to close factories and fire employees

o             Opening in new locations

o             New products found

o             Change name of e-cigarette in Europe + no more electricity battery but something better we created and are the only one to use in the world.

o             Invent another major change or affect

o             For all of them, you have to explain in details how did it affect you, what did you have to change and how and what were the result


–              Motivation

o             This last part is reserved exclusively for the last problem

o             The workers go on a strike in factory in Dubai. Once the others in other factories heard, they go on strike too, so at the end all companies are on strike

o             You have to find a way to motivate them again

o             It has to be done in a 3 step process:

             The issue

             Motivations to put in

             What are the effects/results?

o             For this, with my group we decided after researches that when this happens, you have to “sacrifice someone” so the whole HR department (headquarter + local) will be kicked out. Find other things to motivate the employees again without giving them money.

o             The only way you can give them money is by giving 3% of the annual revenue to the employees of the factory that will have produced the most products the best quality.

o             Find other things to motivate them again without us having to pay huge amount of money.


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