literature review using peer-reviewed published research

literature review using peer-reviewed published research

The purpose of the literature review, using peer-reviewed published research, is to summarize key findings of research that promotes the use of technology and telecommunications in nursing. In this assignment, you will gain the experience of conducting a literature review of a selected topic on the use of technology and telecommunications in health care.

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For this assignment, you will:

1)Select a topic on a specific patient care technology or telecommunication in health care that you have interest in reviewing. Topic examples:

Wireless communication solutions.

Real-time location systems.

Delivery robots.

Workflow management systems.

Wireless patient monitoring solutions.

Electronic medication administration with bar coding.


Electronic clinical documentation with clinical decision support.

Interactive patient systems.

2)Select studies published during the past five years.

Select four appropriate peer-reviewed, research-based articles. These studies may be qualitative, quantitative, or outcomes-based. Note: The articles should NOT be a meta-analysis.

3) Use the   following organizational format and complete a summary of key findings in each study using the table format presented in the text.

Literature Summary Table for QUALITATIVE Studies


AND year

Purpose Qualitative Approach Sample Data Collection Key Findings Comments
Trovilk et al.


“ Explore children’s experiences of asthma to tailor a learning program based on their perspectives” (p. 294) Phenomenology 14 children with asthma, 9 boys and 6 girls Interviews. Drawing by the child of a situation described in the interview Fear of exacerbation (subthemes of bodily sensations, frightening experiences, loss of control)

Fear of being ostrascized

( subthemes of being excluded, dilemma about keeping asthma a secret)

Supports need for including children in developing of patient education





Literature Summary Table for QUANTITATIVE Studies



Purpose Framework Sample Measures Treatment Results Findings
Brand et al,


“Determine the eefects of hand massage on patient anxiety (p. 708) Watson’s human caring theory 86 patients Demographic data, VAS for anxiety Hand massage Intervention group had significantly lower anxiety (t=4.85; p=000). “ Pre-operative hand massage has significant effect on patient’s anxiety” (p. 715)

Other requirements:

Use 12-point Times New Roman font style.

Provide a Title Page and Reference Page following APA style.

4) Present a brief overview of the selected technology including your interest and any professional experience.

5)Describe criteria used to select the studies including the name(s) of database(s) used.

Present the studies using the following example:

Author(s) and year.

“Burns, Murrock, and Grove (2012) conducted . . .”

Research method.

“This study . . .”

Purpose of study.

Sample size and sampling method.


Treatment or intervention.


.Use APA style and formatting guidelines to cite all references and in subject headings.

Submit your 5 page paper in the assignment area.


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