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Leadership Diary Custom Essay


From the perspective of self guided learning, you are encouraged to observe and reflect upon several leadership transactions. Take notes and record them in your leadership diary. Specifically, I would like to encour¬age you to identify a “leadership event or transaction” that you have expe¬rienced. These events may be situations that you observed unfold in which leadership was exercised, events in which you held a leadership role, and/or transactions during which you were exposed to someone else exercising leadership.

What is it that I am asking you to do? What should your diary contain?— “Reflections upon Leadership.” Specifically:

— Think about and describe the event.

— Reach inside yourself and capture your reactions, both attitudinal (i e., cognitive, affective, and behavioral intentions) and behavioral. Record your reactions.

— Interpret this experience by framing it within the context of the leadership literature that we have been examining this class. An example: Based upon trait theory what leader attributes were at work?


Not only do I encourage you to learn about “leadership” from your readings, the close examination of a leader through your essay, and the leadership situations discussed here, I would also like to encourage you to get to know something about yourself within the leadership context.

As a part your diaries, I would like you to make some entries that focus on “you” within the leadership process. For example: (1) Get in touch with your feelings and beliefs (i.e., opinions) as they relate to different aspects of leadership (e.g., reactions to certain types of power, comfort with different types of behavior and the relationship between behavior and situational factors). (2) Learn something about your own preferred and customary style of leadership. (3) Describe what you did (your behaviors) and why. (4) Analyze your effectiveness at being your own best “cheerleader” and “critic.”


The final entry for your diary will reflect a profile that you constructed on an “effective” leader. Identify some individual, for example Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Norman Schwarzkopf, or someone that you know (someone that you have come into contact with or heard about), and construct a profile of this individual. These profiles are intended to provide us with insight into his/her leadership style and philosophy. Who is this person? What has been their career path? What are their success/failure stories? What is their leadership philosophy? What has been this individual’s key for success? Analyze your chosen leader by applying one or more of the models of leadership that we have examined this quarter.

The primary focus of your profile should be on this person “as a leader!” The primary focus of your paper should not be on providing a description of this individual, his/her education, and career.

In the construction of your leader profile, you may choose to use written materials (e.g., articles found in Fortune), or you may prefer to identify some individual from business, experiences, education, or government, for example, who has emerged as an effective leader. Through personally conducted interviews (i.e., your own research) develop your own profile.


Through this process, we hope to gain additional insight into leaders, leadership, and those factors that portray effective/ineffective leaders. The construction of your leadership profile is intended to provide you with yet another way to learn something about the phenomenon of leadership, to apply the theoretical models as an analytical tool to examine a “real leader.”

There is no page length for this part of your diary. They should, however, be typed and double-spaced so that I can “read them with relative ease.” Thanks!


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