Larry Case Study Questions

Larry Case Study Questions 

  • Answer each question in paragraph format, using complete sentences and proper grammar. You should have 2-3 paragraphs per question.
  • Include a title page, then questions/answers, then pedigree, then reference page.
  • Copy and paste the questions, and write your answer beneath each question.
  • Do not cut and paste the answers from your sources. That would be considered plagiarism.  Write this in your own words and assess the originality score, which should be around 10% or less, excluding the questions.
  • Use in-text citations for your answers, and a reference page.
  • Include the pedigree in your paper.

Explain mechanism of action, general indications, contraindications, and risk factors/side effects of clopidogrel.

  1. How is clopidogrel metabolized? What enzymes are necessary? Explain why a patient taking clopidogrel should avoid CYP2C19 inhibitors.  What happens if a patient taking clopidogrel also takes a CYP2C19 inhibitor? Give some examples of strong, moderate, and weak CYP2C19 inhibitors.
  2. Discuss the use of CYP2C19 testing related to clopidogrel dosage/response. What are the possible different genotypes (alleles) and how do they affect response?
  3. Explain how race/ethnicity can influence response to clopidogrel. Provide the most common ethnicities of poor metabolizers. What are the percentages in these populations?
  4. Describe the current status of the FDA boxed warning for clopidogrel regarding drug response in poor metabolizers. Does the FDA recommend testing before starting clopidogrel?


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