Land of Many Changes: Human adaptation in the Great Basin

Land of Many Changes: Human adaptation in the Great Basin custom essay

Land of Many Changes: Human adaptation in the Great Basin

How people of the Great Basin adapted hunting strategies to the changing climate during the Holocene.

Paper details

Table of contents

This should include all the elements listed above, giving page numbers for the start of each

chapter and for all main sections of chapters (see below: ‘sub- headings).

Page numbers

The title page and abstract page should not be numbered. The pages of preliminary material,

beginning with the table of contents, should be numbered using roman numerals (i, ii, iii, etc.).

Continuous arabic pagination (1, 2, 3, etc.) should start at the beginning of the Introduction or

first chapter. All page numbers should be at the top right-hand corner of the page.

List(s) of illustrations

Here all your images should be credited with the source of the material (e.g.‘Photo by J.

Spratt’; ‘Figure adapted from Bloggs 1986: 22, fig.4’; ‘Photo by the author’). A useful way of

numbering images is to use the chapter number as a prefix: this allows you to locate images

readily by chapter section, and means if you add an image, or decide to omit it, it will only

affect one chapter’s image nos. e.g:

Fig. 1.1 Location map

Fig. 1.2 Distribution of Iron Age sites

List of Abbreviations

Include any abbreviations you have used, such as journal titles (e.g. PBSR) and institutions

(e.g. RCHM(E)). For names of ancient authors, you may simply use those in the Oxford Classical

Dictionary and say here that you have done so.


You may wish to provide a Preface commenting briefly on the circumstances in which the

dissertation was produced. You MUST acknowledge (in a Preface or an Acknowledgements

section) all assistance gained from other sources (e.g. verbal or written communications from

museums, SMR officers, off-prints received from excavators, museum collections or archives

consulted, permission from individuals/institutions to use or access data/images/quotes

especially where it is a private collection or involves unpublished material). You can also thank

any other appropriate persons (if you think they deserve it!).

Introduction, chapters, conclusion

Each of these sections should begin on a new page. Each should be flagged clearly with its

number and title.


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