Jesus Triumphant entry to Jerusalem

Jesus Triumphant entry to Jerusalem custom essay

Jesus Triumphant entry to Jerusalem


The assigned image is from a book made in England around 975 (it is posted on FADIS). It depicts the Entry into Jerusalem which is described in the New Testament. The first part of your assignment is to find the relevant scriptural passage(s) that describe this event. Make sure you identify and cite the appropriate book, chapter, and verses of the applicable Gospel(s). Read the text(s) carefully, and look at the picture carefully. The second part of the assignment is the challenge. Describe in detail the ways that the artist has chosen to depict this scene in comparison to the biblical text (i.e., do not write a compositional analysis without recourse to the text[s]). To what extent is the picture an illustration of the text(s)? What has the artist added to or omitted from the written account(s)? What might have motivated or could explain these additions? (Only consider this after you have provided a detailed description and have considered the matter. Your paper should not be a lengthy exercise in speculation.) No detail is too small that it should be considered irrelevant to mention.

Jesus Triumphant entry to Jerusalem


This assignment does not require you to do any outside research but rather to look carefully at the picture and to read carefully the text(s). In fact, you should not do any outside research. This paper is not meant to be an exposition (whether informed or speculative) of book illumination in England at the end of the tenth century (this is why I am not telling you the name of the manuscript or anything about its historical context), or the symbolic meaning of the scene, or the artist’s accomplishment in rendering beautiful foliage. Rather, the assignment should give you a more precise sense of the choices made by medieval artists in constructing their images and the relationship of those pictures to the text(s) upon which they are based.

Jesus Triumphant entry to Jerusalem


The paper should be approximately three (3) pages in length, typed, double-spaced, paginated, and spell-checked!! You may use any edition of the New Testament, and you do not need to cite the passages verbatim (this takes too much real estate in your paper); it is enough to signal, for example, Matthew 12:3–8.  Jesus Triumphant entry to Jerusalem



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