Japan in the Global Economy

International Business Environment Custom Essay

Japan in the Global Economy.

Required: critically evaluate and answer Question 1 which is about the Japanese Economy. Then, we Take analyse on Toyota (as a Global Japanese Company that operates in the global economy)in terms of the financial performance for the second question.

>>> Questions:

1-In the current phase of globalisation, what are the few key political, economic, and social challenges Japan faces?

>( Instructions: functions of the Japanese , how we see the governance model in the value chain. also, be analytical , explain patterns , do not only provide stats)

2- In your opinion, has Toyota adjusted well to globalisation in terms of its financial performance (sales growth, market share, profit ratio evolution)?

>(Instructions: analyze the financial statements. , few key things on the financial performance and do charts

, diagrams and try to find patterns, also be analytical , explain patterns , do not only provide stats and Numbers )

Lastly, after you finish the two questions, provide a small Introduction and conclusion for it.

* References is a Uk based ( accessible for UK students).

I encourage you to use:

  • The sources detailed in your reading list
  • Journals available via the Henley Business School’s portal
  • The OECD documentation
  • The business press (Bloomberg Business Week, The Economist, Forbes, Fortune, Financial Times, local press, etc…)
  • For company strategy, the business press will be useful. I recommend that you do not solely copy what is written in annual reports or company websites but that you provide evidence of critical judgement by looking at other sources (such as industry reports, financial analysts reports, etc. since those might be more critical and realistic).

>>( Important )Assessment criteria:

  • Evidence of critical evaluation: evidence of a personal and original point of view based on well-informed research.
  • Quality of the analytical approach. This means that you effectively use the theories and frameworks of the course to analyse the data as you answer the questions (avoid the descriptive approach).
  • Clear structure of the report.
  • Clear introduction to highlight the main ideas.
  • Clear conclusion which recapitulates effectively.
  • Appropriate use of graphs and illustrations.
  • Evidence of diverse bibliographic sources and appropriate referencing to reflect appropriate research.
  • Internal consistency of the report (all parts should be of the same high quality, not one section well written and the others full of English mistakes).
  • No plagiarism


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