Is education oppress according to Freire Banking Concept

Is education oppress according to Freire Banking Concept Custom Essay

You will write an essay in which you will engage Freire’s claims about education by measuring their validity against a particular experience you have had at some point in your education (a specific class, assignment, teacher, school, or learning experience). In Ways of Reading, you can find a broader description of this assignment on page 329 (#1 under the “Assignments for Writing” heading). Below I offer a quotation from the

assignment on page 329:

“To do this [assignment] you will need to read your [experience] as not simply the story of you and your teacher, since Freire is NOT writing about individual personalities (an innocent student and a mean teacher, a rude teacher, or a thoughtless teacher) but about the roles we are cast in, whether we choose to be or not, by our culture and its institutions. The key question, then, is not who you were and who your teacher was, but what roles you played and how those roles can lead you to better understand the larger narrative or drama of Education”

This means that your essay MUST devote significant space to explaining what your personal experience tells us about education in general. Your argument should be furthered by using specific quotations from Freire’s text and discussing those quotations in detail to explain how they relate to your own experience and its larger connections to education at large.

There are many possible argumentative approaches that your essay may employ, but at some point in your essay you will need to do each of the following: accurately introduce your readers to Freire and his ideas, carefully detail a specific educational experience of your own, generously explain how Freire would interpret your experience, and offer your own interpretation (explaining whether it validates or contradicts Freire’s claims about teaching and learning, education and ignorance, or freedom and slavery).



Your essay MUST be at least 4 FULL pages of text or it will be returned unread with a grade of F. You may NOT use


ANY outside sources EXCEPT the excerpt from Freire in your textbook. All quotations should be followed by MLA


style citations. Your essay should also include a “Work Cited” page (which is not included in the 4 pages).


Due Dates:


A 1-2 page topic proposal is due on January 29th (20441) or January 30th (20452).


You are required to bring to class 3 copies of a COMPLETE draft on February 5th (20441) or February 6th (20452)


for a Peer Review Workshop.

Attending and being prepared for these workshops will count as two quiz grades.


Your final draft of this essay is due in class on February 10th (20441) or February 11th (20452)..


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