Introduction to Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management

Research an organization of your choice, and describe its supply chain. (NOTE: You may choose a private sector or public sector organization; however, more information will be available for a private sector, publicly traded company). Your description should include a discussion of:

  • Facilities (plants, distribution centers, etc.).
  • upply chain partners (third party providers, etc.).

Draw a schematic of the organization’s supply chain with three associated flows:

  • Goods/services.
  • Money/cash/capital.
  • In addition, research and discuss the following topics:
  • Supply chain costs as a percent of sales.
  • Modes of transportation throughout the supply chain network (air, water, surface, etc.).
  • Types of warehousing (plant/warehouses, proprietary/private, etc.).
  • Metrics to measure supply chain performance.
    • Cost
    • Service levels
    • Inventory turnover
    • Their metrics

Finally, what supply chain improvements would you suggest for this organization?

Prepare a 10-12 page research paper (excluding title page, abstract, references page, and appendices) in APA format presenting the items listed above. A minimum of five (5) peer-reviewed academic or professional references must be used in the paper.

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