Intermodal Transportation- US Government Should Be Catalysts for Innovation?





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            Freight transportation systems are
very crucial in both developed and developing countries as they contribute to
regional and local economies. Intermodal transport system can be referred to as
the transportation of passenger and or goods through various means of transport
like ship, truck, rail, and airline. In the USA, the competitive business environment
has made the freight transportation system very important as customers look for
freight services that can deliver their goods safely without unnecessary
delays. In particular, the freight transportation system contributes a lot to
the nation’s economy in terms of job opportunities and revenues in the form of
taxes. This paper critically analyzes the role of the USA the government in
intermodal transport innovations.

            The USA is one of the countries with
the most developed transport system in the world (Holguín-Veras, Paaswell &
Perl, 2008).  I agree that the government
should be act as a catalyst for innovations in this kind of transportation
system. The freight transportation system in the nation has become very
significant in the global network, which in turn increase the need for
customers to have their goods transported from one region to another.  

            I agree that in a free market
economy not much has been done in terms of intermodal transportation
innovations. In the past three decades, the transportation of goods and
services has been successful due to intermodalism of the transport industry.
Technology plays a crucial role in the modernization of the transport system.
Modern transport system saves much time thus ensuring that good reach the destination
without delay. A good indicator of intermodalism in a free market is the
growing number of cargo containers transporting goods across the nation  (Holguín-Veras, Paaswell & Perl, 2008).
This has been caused by advanc

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