HRM -Job portfolio

HRM -Job portfolio
-This search paper is about staffing organization to create Job portfolio.

-Please see the attached file and follow the steps one by one,Use the text in the attach to cover all the topics,as well as another HR source.
-Move from topic to the later by seamless fashion
-every topic should be covered by the assigned chapters in the attach
-See the rubric in the attach to know how the paper should be designed
-if you wanna use more than two reference its ok ,but please cite relevantly
-If you have any question please contact me directly
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Topic: Prepare a Job Portfolio
Please use the following text as main resource: Staffing organization (8th Ed) 2011, U.S edition, ISBN 978-0-07-786241-1

Step 1: Select an organization to feature in your portfolio … (Wells Fargo)

Step 2: Select a position in the organization to analyze ….(Customer Service manager)
(Wells Fargo plans to launch a new banking product, which is Apple pay with cooperation with Apple Corporation, – describe the strategies associated with identifying the need for a Customer Service Manager position)

Step 3: Prepare a portfolio of the planning, recruitment, selection & training processes for the selected position

Include the following in your job portfolio:
 Strategies for staffing planning (Chapter 3)
 Job analysis of select position (Chapter 4)
 Recruitment plan including costing (Chapter 5 & 6)
 Selection process (Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10)
 Orientation/Training (Chapter 11)

***See rubric (page 3) for further description***

Begin by selecting an organization to feature in your portfolio
(for example, Nike; or an organization where you would like to work; or your current organization)

Select a position within the organization to analyze
(e.g., Production Assistant; HR Analyst; Financial Services Manager, etc.)

Your job portfolio will begin with a brief background of the organization, including its mission and vision.

Your portfolio will proceed with the HR forecasting and staffing planning involved for the select position (e.g., Nike plans to launch a new running shoe in the next fiscal year – describe the strategies associated with identifying the need for a Production Assistant)

Conduct a job analysis of the select position. Begin by providing the formal definition of job analysis as described in the text. Discuss your decision to conduct a job requirements job analysis, or a competency based job analysis, or a combination of both. Describe the process of collecting information about the select position. Prepare a Job Description of the select position.
(see rubric) The job analysis and questionnaire will become two appendices in the final report.

Develop a recruitment plan for the select position utilizing the theories discussed in the text. Discuss recruitment strategies. Evaluate the need for internal recruitment, external recruitment, or both. (see rubric)

Discuss the selection process for the chosen position, providing an analysis of each step in the selection process as outlined in the text: (e.g., in an external selection process, evaluate initial assessment methods and substantive assessment methods; in an internal selection process, evaluate skills inventory peer/self-assessments, etc.); Define and discuss a structured vs. non-structured interview process. Prepare a list of interview questions to be included in your job portfolio. (see rubric)

Finally, discuss your decision-making process for determining a final match as outlined in the text. Develop an orientation plan and initial training program for the chosen candidate.

Written Performance Standards (see also, Rubric)

Structure and Organization
 Clarity of Introduction
 Overview of Topic
 Quality of Writing
 Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, and Format

Development of Main Points
 Clearly Describes + Emphasizes Key Ideas
 Illustrates Main Points with Examples
 Quality of Writing and Adequacy of Analysis

Concluding Summary
 Summarizes Key Ideas
 Quality of Writing and Adequacy of Summation/Conclusion
While your job portfolio is divided into specific parts as outlined above and in the rubric provided, the paper should flow from one section to the next in a seamless fashion, providing the reader with a view of the entire HR process from staffing planning/strategies to job analysis, recruitment, selection, orientation and training.

Measure Exceeds Standards Meets Standards Misses Standards
Staffing Planning
4 External Influences, HR Forecasting, Staffing Planning, Legal Issues General identification of various components in many of the sections in contrast to very specific description, analysis and evaluation of the components for each of the categories Little to no identification of specific components listed in each of the four dimensions.

Job Analysis
3 Job Requirements Job Analysis, Competency- Based Job Analysis, Collecting Job Requirements Information, Collecting Competency Information, Job Description, Job Summary, Job Rewards, Legal Issues
Recruitment Plan (PLO2)
4 Recruitment Planning, Recruitment Strategy, Internal Recruitment, External Recruitment, Searching, Recruitment Plan Budget
Selection Process
5 External Selection: Application/Résumé, Initial Assessment Methods, Substantive Assessment Methods, Testing Procedures, Structured v. Non-Structured Interviews, Interview Questions, Panel Interviews, Legal Issues, Orientation, Training.
Internal Selection: Skills Inventory, Peer/Self-Assessments, Performance Appraisals, Testing procedures, Interview Questions, Structured Interview, Legal Issues, Orientation, Training
Theories – Development of Ideas
Measure Exceeds Standards Meets Standards Misses Standards
4 Specific Development of Ideas with Paragraph Headings for Each Idea Description General Development of Ideas No Clear Development of Ideas
4 Specific Analysis of Ideas using more than One Factor Some Analysis of Ideas No Analysis of Ideas
4 Specific Evaluation of Ideas based upon Substantial Reasoning
using theories discussed in class and text
(e.g., effective v. ineffective) Opinion(s) Stated without much Critical Thought or Reasoning No Clear Assessment or Evaluation of Ideas
Closing Summary – 4 Specific Summary Emphasizing Key Ideas and Value to Reader
General Closing Summary No Closing Summary
Identification & Use of References – 3 Correct Listing of References at End and Correct Use of References in Text Some Identification of References and Poor Use in Text No References Used or Identified

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