How Limor Fried use technology

How Limor Fried use technology

You will research how woman have used and are now using technology in another country/culture and cite historical significance and trends.

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The focus of your writing must follow this subject order.

  1. Culture: How other women in the technologist’s time period, field of technology, and culture/country use(d) technology. (5 points) chronology of technical inventions
    1. Describe the culture in detail…help the reader understand the culture of origin; the heritage; its influence.
    2. Note what tools, equipment, methods were common among women in that era in that culture.
      • This is the most ignored requirement of the project.
      • To avoid a reduction in your score, please use the sources listed in this Google search for chronology of technical inventions to learn about tools commonly used by women in the era and culture you’re researching.
  2. Trends: Your interpretations, comparisons, and conclusions of trends in those areas. (5 points)
    1. Interpret trends related to gender and the topic’s technology.
    2. Use statistics here to illustrate cultural norms in education and business.
    3. Do not state what you ‘believe,’ but what you have discovered to be true via research.
  3. Biography: The woman technologist’s life and work. (7 points)
    1. Write a biography of her childhood influences, education, and work experience.
  4. Technology: The tools and methods she used. (8 points)
    1. Provide details, define terms, and show graphics to help a lay audience understand the complexities of the technology.
      • What did she invent using which tools and materials?
    2. Optional: Interview summaries are helpful here.
      • Remember: You can make specific quotes public, but the email conversation cannot be your “paper”.
      • Do not paste the interview or email reply from the interviewee into your blog.
      • You must write and edit original material like any other 300-level college paper would expect.
  5. Bibliography (2)
  • Cite a minimum of 7 scholarly sources.
  • Do NOT cite Wikipedia. Read Ten Reasons….
  • Do NOT cite

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