How having a single parent affects how children are raised

How having a single parent affects how children are raised.

How having a single parent affects how children are raised

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4.1 Consider a research topic you are interested in (by now you should have a firm idea of what you want your Research Proposal to be about). As with every discussion question, explain why you reached the conclusions you did and support your position as best you can with logic and evidence. In most of our discussion questions, there is no one clear right or wrong answer, so you must convince everyone with the quality of your position. Let us “see” you think in your post.
Find out more information about them by looking up sound sources on the web. Include any links you used at the end of your post so that others may read them for themselves. Now, suppose you were going to adopt a qualitative field research strategy. With that in mind, discuss the following:

(a.) How would choosing to do qualitative field research affect your research question and the variables you could include?

(b.) How would this approach affect your data collection, coding, and analysis?

(c.) Do you think this would be a good way to examine your research question? What particular threats to reliability, validity and generalizability would you have to be aware of?

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