Growing up not believing in Santa Clause Harmed Me

Growing up not believing in Santa Clause Harmed Me custom essay

Growing up not believing in Santa Clause Harmed Me

Choose one of the following topics and develop an analytical essay of 500 to 600 words, following the steps outlined in the readings and activities of Unit 1. Save all of your preliminary work and your first draft, as directed previously, and attach these to your final copy when you send it to your Open Learning Faculty Member.

Your essay will be marked on the following elements: clear thesis, main points that support the thesis, good use of detail to explain and illustrate your main points, smooth transitions between paragraphs, coherent, unified, and well-developed paragraphs, introduction and conclusion that signal the beginning and ending of the essay both in content and tone, grammatically correct sentences, accurate word choices, standard spelling and punctuation. You may wish to refer to a handbook such as one of those listed in “Supplemental Resources” for guidelines to standard grammar, spelling, and punctuation.



Explain how a specific event, circumstance, or situation has helped shape some aspect of your personality or interests.

Discuss how the neighbourhood or community in which you grew up or live now has affected some aspect of your life or the lives of its residents in general.

Discuss ways in which an event or circumstance at work has affected your approach to or understanding of a specific aspect of your job.


Activity 5

Christmas, I love Christmas. The smells, the festivals. I didn’t always get to enjoy Christmas though. Growing up in a family that didn’t celebrate Christmas was very difficult as a child. So now I LOVE celebrating Christmas, it has other names of course, Yule being one. Santa Clause has many names as well. Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas. I didn’t get to believe in him as a child, and I always felt cheated out of part of my childhood. I never told the other kids, when I sat in a corner doing my own art project. No Santa colouring pages for me. I went overboard the first few years that I had my own kids, and now I’ve come to stage in my life that was very difficult. I had to answer their questions about Santa. I think I did really well, and I believe my own experience as a child game me a very unique perspective to relate with my children. I didn’t tell them that there is no Santa, rather that parents act in his place, or do his will, and in that way Santa lives in all of us.


  • Christmas around the world
  • Festivals
  • Traditions
  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Trees
  • Santa Clause
  • Religion
  • Folklore
  • Beliefs Santa vs religion
  • Children snooping
  • Parents sneaking around


Activity 6Gathering Information


Main Position

  • I grew up in a family that did not celebrate Christmas
  • As an adult, I deeply enjoy Christmas, and enjoy seeing my own children enjoy Christmas
  • Belief in Santa Clause is a childhood experience that should not be missed
  • It isolates children, if they are the only ones who do not believe in him

Alternative perspectives

  • There are many cultures across the globe that do not believe in Santa Clause, those kids develop fine
  • Perpetuating the idea of Santa Clause is lying to kids
  • It teaches children a double standard; its ok to lie sometimes
  • Santa culture creates greedy, materialistic children
  • It can damage your trustworthiness as a parent


Defense of Main Position

  • Encourages imagination
  • Inspires children to behave
  • Encourages health habits, letter writing
  • Learning the truth becomes a rite of passage
  • When told the truth only 2 to 6% felt betrayed by their parents
  • children find out on their own observation
  • Not believing socially isolated me
  • I was depressed and jealous going to school in January hearing about my classmates Christmas holiday, and new seeing their toys
  • I was seen as odd by other children, as they didn’t understand what I could or couldn’t participate in
  • I was seldom invited to other childrens parties as parents were unsure if I was allowed
  • I was not allowed to participate in plays, choirs, art, or assemblies that had a Christmas theme


  • Growing up in a culture that celebrated Christmas, and Santa, but not being able to participate myself was more damaging than having the chance to believe in him.


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