global health

Explain the challenges associated with doing global health work without an agreed
upon definition

Term Paper Questions

  1. There is no consensus on what “global health” means. Discuss at least three
    different definitions of global health offered in the literature. Explain the
    challenges associated with doing global health work without an agreed
    upon definitio What are your recommendations moving forward?
  2. Identify one health issue (e. child malnutrition, maternal health, diabetes,
    cancer, HIV/AIDS, mental health, obesity) and discuss from a global health
    perspective its causes, trends, burden of disease and potential solutions.
  3. Health disparities are one of the greatest challenges facing global health
    initiatives/efforts. Discuss, with case examples, the significance of social
    determinants of health and the implications of globalization for global
    health equ
  4. Donor-driven funding for global health (the world’s health) is criticized for
    not fully responding to country-specific needs. Using examples from the
    international development field, discuss this argument focusing on funding
    trends, successful and failed program/projects, and opportunities.

You have four questions but you are only required to answer TWO questions.
Submitting a fourth question will not benefit you as I will not grade it. Answers
to each question must be submitted on or before the due date – pick wisely. For
each of the questions I expect you to apply concepts covered in course material
and from your own review of the literature. A sample paper is provided in Bb
for your use as a guide of what I am expecting. Each paper must be 5 pages long
excluding cover page and references. See syllabus for detailed comments on
paper format etc.



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