give two reasons early why cities were formed.

Explain zoning, site plans and subdivisions

Give two reasons early why cities were formed

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1- give two reasons early cities were formed.

2- what factors led to the emergence of the metropolitan area.

3- explain the demographic transition.

4- discuss two legal powers of a strong mayor versus a weak mayor.

5-discuss one theoretical approach to the study of urban politics.

6- discuss the difference between the income tax, payroll tax, sales tax and property taxes. which ones are progressive or regressive?

7- explain zoning, site plans and subdivisions.

8- discuss two urban reforms of the late 19th century and early 20th century.

9- what is the difference between general obligation bonds and revenue bonds? why are municipal bonds different from corporate bonds?

10- if a city is to financially prosper, which should be greater, imports or ecports, and why ?

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