Five ethical traps used to justify or rationalize an unethical decision

Guffey and Loewy (2015) classify five ethical traps used to justify or rationalize an unethical decision. A few examples of situations that could become ethical dilemmas include reacting to office gossip, taking another’s ideas and presenting them as your own, or even telling a partial truth or withholding information. Tasks:


*· Describe an ethical dilemma (real or hypothetical) and explain what ethical trap(s) a person could use to justify an unethical decision/action. ·

* What personal values would you draw from in order to handle the situation ethically? ·

* Explain how this situation could negatively impact a person’s or an organization’s digital footprint. ·

* Support your ideas with information from a credible source


To complete this assignment, a minimum of one (1) reputable source (such as the course textbook) must be cited and referenced to support the work and outline guidelines on which you are basing your analysis. If analyzing a specific page, include the website as a reference in APA style with appropriate APA style in-text citations.


Complete a paper at least 500 words in length.


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