Final Exam

Final Exam.

Some of the key aspects of __________ include attitudes toward change; presence or absence of fear; degree of openness, fairness, and trust; and employee behavior at all levels.


A term used to characterize the relationship between suppliers and customers when a high degree of linkages and interdependencies exist is __________.

While Deming is best known for his emphasis on the management of a system for improving quality, his thinking was based on the use of __________ to continually improve.

The supplier development program developed by a Chrysler/Ford/General Motors supplier requirement task force was called:

Strategic plan __________ answers the question of what is to be contained in the strategic plan.


Quality experts agree that quality can be assured only during the:

Which one of the following is an industry not eligible for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award?

How many winners of the MBNQA can there be each year?

__________ refers to the propensity for a product to perform consistently over its useful life.


Which of the following is the most traditional definition of quality?


__________ refers to the efficiency with which a product achieves its intended purpose.


A tool used by many firms to differentiate and discriminate among suppliers is called:


__________ refers to narrowing down the list of approved suppliers for a single component to just one supplier.


Which Baldrige criterion requires the applicant to outline what his or her firm is doing in the area of corporate citizenship?


Business cases, process mapping, voice of the customer, change management, and problem/objective statements are used in the ______ Six Sigma process.


_________ allows customers and customers to tie their systems together to enhance planning, and purchasing, and coordination.


Many companies perform lengthy inspections of their suppliers that involve long-term visits and evaluations. Their programs are often called:


Which Baldrige criterion focuses on how a firm assesses the relative importance of product or service functions?


At the center of the Quality System model is:


__________ was widely accepted as the world’s preeminent authority on quality management prior to his death on December 24, 1993 because of his influence on Japanese and American industry


Which of the following is not one of the primary activities in the value chain?


The major theoretical contribution of Kaoru Ishikawa was:


The auditing portion of a supplier development program is referred to as a:


Which of the following is not one of the support activities in the value chain?


Which of the following is not an example of a strategic content variable?


The three spheres of quality are:


According to a free-market model competition among suppliers:


External validation measures of quality programs such as the Baldrige criteria and ISO 9001:2000 are referred to as:


__________ is the process by which a leader influences a group to move toward the attainment of superordinate goals.


__________ refers to the norms and beliefs that lead to decision-making patterns and actions in an organization.


One of the difficulties in satisfying customer requirements is that in a dynamic environment, customer needs are:


A firm’s understanding of the customers, their needs, and their wants is referred to as:


__________ goals are those goals that pertain to achieving a higher end that benefits not just the individual, but the group.


There are two broad categories of quality costs, namely:


The model of reactive customer-driven quality shows:


___________ is the capital that fuels outstanding quality results.


Your author indicates that although statistical inspection is an important approach to improving quality, it is inherently:



__________ represents a proactive approach to satisfying customer needs that is based on gathering data about our customers to learn their needs and preferences and then providing products and services that satisfy customers.

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