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Ethics – Research Paper Example Besides, such practice of discussing patient information in public places would result in the complete trust of the patient on the entire health care staff. Hence, I will advice the nurse of the nursing staff to be more responsible by maintaining confidentiality and comply with the hospital rules. It is also important for me to discuss the issue with the nursing instructor as they will determine the penalty for such issues. For the first time the penalty for the student would be to read the policy about confidentiality and signed the form. By signing the form the student comes in agreement to maintain confidentiality and if not followed serious action may be taken. The nursing instructor may also decide to take special counseling sessions with the individual student or a general class for all the student nurses and warn them of the eventualities if not followed. ANSWER: I spoke to one of my cousin and asked her if she had taken the support of a lie at any point of time. She shared about a vehicular accident that took place in her life. She had to hide this fact from her husband and said to her husband that she had sprained her leg while walking. She justified her telling lie because if she had mentioned the truth, her husband would have unnecessarily worried at all times when ever she took her vehicle out. Besides, she said that she loved her husband so much that she did not want to share her pain and put him in tension. She is doing it out of her love and sometime she is doing it to hide her pain. In my view, there is no exact absolute truth that may work in subjects like science and math, but this is not the case in human society where psychology, sociology and humanities are involved. There are so many dynamics situations that surround us that our views on certain aspect may differ from others and I feel that this makes each human unique in this world. Chapter 8 Discussion Question: Your patient has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. His family asks that he not be told his diagnosis, and the physician agrees not to tell him at this time. During his morning care, he tells you that he thinks he is not being told everything. a) What do you say to him, and why b) Do you believe he has the right to know c) Do you believe his family is making decisions for him in his best interests d) Ask a staff nurse in your clinical setting how she or he would handle a situation like this. ANSWER: First of all I will ask the patient what makes him think that he is not being told everything. I will try to make the patient comfortable by reinstalling the faith in him that the health care team is doing their best to help him recover fast and can be only possible if he has a 100 per cent faith. This faith is of utmost importance for any treatment to be successful. I would appreciate the patient because he/she found me to be a confidential person to share their sincere feeling. I will further encourage them to share their feelings to whom-so-ever they feel comfortable with and if they have any doubt about the treatment or the illness to enquire with the authorities such as the doctor. This kind of attitude helps in bringing out any kind of

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