Essay; Using the evidence


Using the evidence from at least three sources in the “Working with Evidence” section of at the end of Chapter 13, how do the sources you selected provide insight or offer challenges to the problem of knowing what it true or accurate about the past?

Below are some ideas that might help, you can address these or not as you choose; the main point is to engage thoughtfully with the problem of the accuracy of sources.

–In what ways, or for what purposes, could one use these sources as primary sources? In what ways, or for what purposes, could one use these sources as secondary sources?
–Can you see ways in which the author’s point of view may have affected the way they present the information?
–Can you see ways in which the audience may have affected the way the information is presented?
–If you had to write a historically accurate essay based upon your three examples, what would be the main idea and the key topics of your paper? In other words, for what purposes might these examples be reliable sources?

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