Effects of Managerial Consultation on the Psychological Antecedents of Voice Behavior

Effects of Managerial Consultation on the Psychological Antecedents of Voice Behavior: A Social Exchange Perspective

Dissertation Structure

Chapter 01:

Introduction (No heading but introductory paragraphs at the beginning of each chapter)

1.1 Background of the study

1.2 Motivation for the present research

1.2.1 Statement of the research problem

1.2.2 Research aims, and objectives

1.2.3 Research questions

1.2.4 Overview of Research Model

1.3          Studying psychological antecedents of voice behavior as a mediating variable

1.4 Examining the transformational leadership as a moderator

1.5 Study context

1.6 Significance and scope of the study

1.7 Summary


Chapter 02: Review of Literature


2.1 Managerial Consultation

2.1.1 Empirical Studies on Managerial Consultation

2.1.2 Managerial consultation and leadership

2.1.3 Comprehensive Model: (any model related to Managerial consultation)

2.2 Psychological Antecedents of Voice Behavior

2.2.1 OBSE

2.2.2 PS

2.2.3 FOCC

2.3 Voice Behavior

2.3.1 Types of Voice Behavior

2.3.2 Influences of Voice Behavior

2.3.3 Empirical Studies on Voice Behavior


2.4 Relationship between Managerial Consultation, psychological antecedents of voice behavior, and Voice Behavior

2.5 Social exchange theory

2.6 Overview of the Model

2.7 Theoretical Background and Development of Hypothesis






2.8 Hypothesized Research Model

2.6 Summary


Chapter III: Research Methodology (min 10 to max 15 or 20)

3.1 Data Collection

3.1.1 Sampling Procedure

3.1.2 Survey Questionnaire Administration

3.2 Measures

3.2.1 Managerial Consultation

3.2.2 PS

3.2.3 OBSE

3.2.4 FOCC

3.2.5 VB

3.2.6 TFL

3.2.7 Control Variables

3.3 Analytical Procedures

3.4 Ethical Consideration of the Study

3.5 Summary

Chapter IV: Results

4.1 Results

4.1.1 Main Characteristics of data

4.2 Reliability Measure

4.3 Descriptive Statistics

4.4 Correlations

4.5 Confirmatory Factor Analysis

4.6 Hypothesis Testing

4.6.1 Regression Analyses

4.6.2 Mediation Analyses

4.6.3 Moderated Mediation Analyses

4.7 Summarized Hypothesized Results


Chapter V: Results

6.1 Discussion

6.2 Limitation of the Study

6.3 Recommendations for Future Research

6.4 Practical Implications

6.5 Conclusion





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