Do we really need 7-12 years of higher education to be qualified in many healthcare professions?

Do we really need 7-12 years of higher education to be qualified in many healthcare professions?

Why or why not? If the history of the health profession could provide competent services with 4 years of higher education, why have we adopted the longer and later” policy of educational programming?
2. Some direct cost to turnover in healthcare think about factoring in the following variables:
Lost revenue
Start-up costs
Recruitment agency fees
Sourcing and advertising costs
Interview travel costs
Signing bonuses
Moving costs
In addition to the financial costs, consider the time costs too. For example, after calculating how many interviews it takes until you hire a physician or a nurse, think about how much time it costs both the interviewer and the interviewees. Like they say, time is money. What are some suggestions to reduce turnover??

3. While the axiom “better late than never” often is ascribed to health related policies, the reality is that there are so many factors that change so often, the system really needs to be changed for proactive benefits rather than reactive ones. Discuss and give some examples.
4. Turnover….has direct and indirect costs. Indirect costs (morale, job stress, quality, training costs, etc.) typically exceed direct costs 3-5 times. Any suggestions to reduce turnover?

5. How do you think the physician feel when assisting their patients in killing themselves?” What type of impact if any does assisting in death have on the physician? As for morality, how can they differentiate between the right and wrong decision of aiding death? I think that the assisted suicide actions of the physicians have to weigh heavy on their minds. As kids we were all told that killing is wrong. So how can we justify physician assisted suicide if killing is wrong?
6. Please go to this hospital?s site and read about its policy concerning advanced directives.
Now consider a case where a patient has an advanced directive in his chart which specifically stated that no resuscitative measures be taken. However, when the patient required resuscitation measures the nurse on duty (who was fresh out of nursing school) did not notice this directive so the patient?s wishes were not followed. The patient lived and now the family and patient are bringing suit against your facility where you are the administrator.
Discuss if your facility is liable, why or why not.



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